Zhou Yukou may affect the whole Taiwan election, Ke Wenzhe chokes on the green: if she has the ability, she will cut it and say that she spoke inappropriately | Politics | Newtalk News

Taipei Mayor Ko Wenzhe.Photo: Zhou Xuanhui / photo The media person Zhou Yukou has recently frequently attacked the former scandal case of Chiang Wan-an’s father Jiang Xiaoyan, a candidate for the Taipei mayor of the Kuomintang. Lanbai shouted “voting for Zhou Yuko means supporting (DPP candidate) Chen Shizhong”, Chen claimed that he and Zhou were … Read more

Why do you want to be Minister of Health and Welfare?Li Dewei criticizes dentist Chen Shizhong as “not a doctor”, Yang Zhiliang is neither | Politics | Newtalk News

Former Health Director Yang Zhiliang.Photo: Zhang Liangyi / photo At the end of the year, the 9-in-1 election is two months down the road. The Taipei mayoral election is fierce. Chen Shizhong, a candidate for the Democratic Progressive Party, thinks that it is a pity that Jiang Wanan, the candidate of the Kuomintang, only has … Read more

Add points to the explosion?To support “these two mayoral candidates” is to support Zhou Yukou’s party certification: it is a blessing | Politics | Newtalk News

Shen Huihong, candidate for mayor of Hsinchu from the Democratic Progressive Party, and Chen Shizhong, candidate for mayor of Taipei from the Democratic Progressive Party Photo: Zhang Liangyi / photo The famous Zhou Yukou has recently been breaking the news about the past Jinghua scandal of Jiang Xiaoyan, the father of the Kuomintang Taipei mayor … Read more

Jiang Wanan’s team is sour Chen Shizhong “a dentist can’t be called a doctor” The dentist circles counterattack | Politics | Newtalk News

DPP Taipei mayoral candidate Chen Shizhong attended the inaugural meeting of the Dental Support Association today (25th). More than 2,500 dentists attended the scene. Li Dewei, the spokesman for the Kuomintang Taipei mayoral candidate Jiang Wanan’s team, recently criticized DPP candidate Chen Shizhong. Only a dentist “can’t even talk about a doctor”, why should he … Read more

Chen Shizhong ended up in high spirits and pushed martial arts and forgot to talk about 5 major policies | Politics | Newtalk News

On the morning of the 16th, Chen Shizhong, a candidate for mayor of Taipei from the Democratic Progressive Party, visited the UFC Gym Dunnan Flagship Hall and observed martial arts.Photo: Lin Chaoyi/Photo Chen Shizhong, a candidate for mayor of Taipei from the Democratic Progressive Party, came to the UFC Gym Dunnan Flagship Hall on the … Read more

Huang Shanshan dragged a chick to sweep the Beitou market, and was praised by a woman as a “chameleon” | Politics | Newtalk News

Non-party Taipei mayoral candidate Huang Shanshan was swept the streets of Beitou Market, and was praised by a woman as a “chameleon”.Photo: Zhou Xuanhui / photo No-party candidate for Taipei mayor Huang Shanshan this morning (14th) with People’s Party congressional candidates Huang Jingying, Chen Siyu and non-party candidate Su Futing to the Beitou Market for … Read more