Every sentence hit Luo Zhiqiang’s vitals!Zhong Peijun mentions the “4 major promises” of being elected as a legislator. The blue battalion legislators are bloody before the civil war | Politics | Newtalk News

Luo Zhiqiang, a former Taipei city councilor who failed to run for the mayor of Taoyuan last year, returned to Taipei less than a year after moving his household registration to Taoyuan. . Zhong Peijun once said that he can fight side by side with Luo Zhiqiang. If Luo Zhiqiang goes to a difficult constituency, … Read more

The most supportive of Fei Hongtai is “Dark Green Fei Fan”!Xu Qiaoxin preview: I have Xu Shuhua’s information | Politics | Newtalk News

In response to media questions, if Fei Hongtai insists on running for the election, how will he coordinate?Xu Qiaoxin asked back: “Do I look well-coordinated?”, and called himself a potential candidate who could defeat the DPP, “But another KMT candidate may not be able to.” Picture: taken from Xu Qiaoxin’s face Book KMT Taipei City … Read more

Alternation of Generations Topic 3-3 “Lanying Xuanming and the Elders are Difficult to Shake, I’m afraid it will take this man to step up to hope | Politics | Newtalk News

Former Taipei City Councilor Luo Zhiqiang. Picture: Zhou Xuanhui/photo (file photo) Taipei City Councilor Xu Qiaoxin of the Kuomintang called out “alternation of generations” to challenge the senior KMT legislator Fei Hongtai who has won the 4th consecutive hegemony. Taipei City Councilor Xu Hongting also intends to challenge the 5th consecutive hegemony legislator Lai Shibao … Read more