How much will the coronation ceremony of British King Charles cost?

2023-05-04 08:01:45 (Web Desk) British King Charles III will be crowned on May 6, which will be attended by important personalities from all over the world, but the question is also important, how much will be spent on this ceremony and the coronation process? According to the Reuters news agency, according to experts who research … Read more

The US Commission on Religious Freedom has once again demanded to blacklist India

2023-05-02 08:24:43 (Web Desk) The American Commission on International Religious Freedom has once again demanded the blacklisting of India. The US commission demanded that the Biden administration blacklist India on religious freedom and said that the treatment of minorities is getting worse under Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government. IAMC welcomes the @USCIRF‘s decision to … Read more

Another incident of urinating on a flight mate occurred while Indian citizens forgot their etiquette

2023-04-24 16:13:35 (24 News) Another incident of another passenger urinating on a passenger on a flight coming from America to India has come to light. According to details, a drunken passenger on an American Airlines flight from New York to New Delhi urinated on the passenger sitting next to him after repeatedly urinating on the … Read more

Extremist India did not stop even on Eid, founded on the sands of cruelty and brutality

2023-04-22 07:27:43 (24 News) Extremist India did not stop from the tradition of cruelty and brutality even on the day of Eid, forces were deployed to stop the worshipers in Occupied Kashmir. According to Kashmir Media Service, the occupying administration in Occupied Kashmir prevented Kashmiris from offering Eid prayers at the historic Jama Masjid. Raised … Read more