Nintendo Switch launches a new somatosensory game “No Toilet Paper! 》, you need to match the “roll toilet paper” to play! JUKSY street star

With the development of video game technology, many VR games are now appearing in order to improve the game experience of players. Recently, the Nintendo Switch launched a new somatosensory game “Paper がない!” “(Chinese translation: no toilet paper!), players need to use the “roll of toilet paper” to play this game. After the game screen … Read more

The latest trailer for the game masterpiece “Black Myth: Wukong” has been released, and the official “release time” has also been revealed! JUKSY street star

Since the high-profile game masterpiece “Black Myth: Wukong” was released last summer, there has been no follow-up news for a long time. Now that the Lunar New Year is approaching, the official finally released the game trailer again, and at the same time revealed the official release time. Further reading:The avatar technique is so cool! … Read more