Diablo 4 Debuts Special Trailer Directed by Oscar Winner Chloé Zhao

2023-05-26 16:04:00 There are very few days left for Diablo IVthe new action RPG, is released on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/s and PC and from Activision Blizzard they have released a very special trailer: in real action and directed by Chloé Zhao, the Oscar winner for Best Director by Nomadland which also … Read more

“Al-Marsad Newspaper: 4 Arrested for Drug Promotion and Narcotic Distribution in Riyadh Police Department’s Operation”

2023-05-25 21:29:41 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Criminal Investigation and Investigation Department of the Riyadh Police Department revealed the arrest of 4 citizens, for promoting narcotic substances. And the Public Security account published a video report, which showed a drug control member instructing his colleagues to be careful, when the residence of drug dealers was raided, where … Read more

How to Protect Your Short-Term Savings from Inflation: Understanding Sureties and Stock Market Securities

2023-05-24 14:10:20 Inflation eats purchasing power day by day. The sureties offer rates of 6.8% per month and can be made for up to 24 hours. With rates of 97% per year, time deposits are tempting to prevent inflation from eating away at income. But as the electoral campaign heats up and the lack of … Read more

“Men’s Health Risks: Cardiology Consultant Reveals 6 Diseases More Common in Men Than Women”

2023-05-24 03:12:24 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Cardiology consultant Dr. Khaled Al-Nimr revealed several diseases that affect men more than women. Al-Nimr said on his Twitter account: The following is more in men than in women, then he mentioned “heart disease, pancreatic and kidney cancer, depression, Alzheimer’s.” He added that what men outperform women also, apart from diseases, … Read more

“Top 4 Heart-Healthy Breakfast Foods Recommended by a Registered Dietitian”

2023-05-20 09:38:01 Monitor: Rosie Martin, registered dietitian with Plant Based Health Professionals, reveals 4 foods to add to your breakfast to help support heart health and lower cholesterol. According to the “Express” website, she explained that these obediences are: – Oats Martin said: “Oats provide a soluble fiber called beta-glucan, and you need three grams … Read more

“Appeal Committee Decision Convicts Citizen for Securities Violations and Manipulation: Al-Marsad Newspaper”

2023-05-18 19:07:30 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The General Secretariat of the Committees for Resolution of Securities Disputes announced the issuance of the decision of the Appeal Committee in Securities Disputes, peremptory No. 2860 / SP / 2023 AD for the year 1444 AH and the date 09/21 1444 AH corresponding to 04/12/2023 AD, in the public criminal … Read more