The best gift of Sprite Club in 2022 from the masterpiece of pure love “Quartet EXTRA2”, how can you not love Torisawa Misaki | 4Gamers

Developed by the Japanese game developer Sprite, the new adult-oriented beautiful girl game “Quartet of the Other Side of Cangzhi” is a well-known plot masterpiece in the Galgame world. The long-awaited “Quartet EXTRA2 of the Other Side of Cangzhi” brings the story line of “Torisawa Misaki” to a perfect conclusion. “The Quartet of the Other … Read more

NTRPG🔞《Battle Priestess ホノカ》 set off again to play the dojo and become a Shikigami master…but of course NTR is still indispensable | 4Gamers

From the previous work, there is a vague tribute to “Pokémon”, the new game “War Miko Honoka”, which is a gentleman game series, has been released on DLsite. This work continues the same spirit. Let’s see where we pay tribute this time. XD Two years ago, the author once commented on a gentleman’s game “Battle … Read more