“Organizer of Small Party in Liège Apartment, a 26-Year-Old Woman, Robbed of 50,000 Euros in Cash”

The apartment of a 26-year-old girl in Liège was recently burgled with the suspect escaping with a loot of 50,000 euros. The owner was hosting a small party at her place when she left with her guests around 2 a.m. for Le Carré. Upon her return at 7 a.m., she found her front door forcibly … Read more

other viruses locked in the ice could spread throughout the population and threaten humanity

It was a team of researchers from the University of Aix-Marseille who discovered the virus under a frozen lake in Yakutia, Siberia. Disappeared for 48,500 years, the virus is known to infect single-celled organisms. Professor Jean-Michel Claverie, director of the study, issued a stern warning to the medical authorities. Indeed, he and his team estimate … Read more