The disappearance of a woman after arriving in Mecca to perform Umrah … and revealing her nationality and health condition

Al-Marsad newspaper: A 68-year-old Moroccan woman has disappeared in mysterious circumstances. She came to Mecca a month ago to perform Umrah. According to Okaz, her family revealed that the Moroccan woman, Tria Al-Khaliqi, has never disappeared, but suffers from forgetfulness and depression. The family of the Moroccan woman explained that she disappeared on the day … Read more

Some may find it difficult in the first days of Ramadan, as a result of stopping food and drink for relatively long periods. These are tips provided by nutrition experts for a better healthy fasting.

With the advent of the month of Ramadan, Muslims throughout the Islamic world began the ritual of fasting, which is one of the pillars of the Islamic religion, and requires abstaining from eating and drinking from dawn until sunset throughout this month. Despite the health benefits included in fasting, some may find it difficult to … Read more

…For stocks, PEACE be traded 10.Nov.

You manpong senanarong, Deputy chief Manager, corporate issuers of securities the stock exchange of Thailand (set.) Revealed that…Welcome co., Ltd.Peace & living listed and traded on the stock exchange. in the group real estate and construction, property development sector, using the abbreviation in securities trading that the “PEACE” on February 10, 2565 PEACE business development, … Read more

… Revealed the results of the perception COVID Free Setting to public transport-restaurants

Department. Revealed the results of the perception COVID Free Setting using public transport-restaurants found perceive incorrectly maximum to be screening ATK every 7 days-spaced between the individual and the dining table must be located at least 1 – 2 meters repeat, practice Universal Prevention strictly * M. d…… implicit in Providence, the band Director General … Read more

Doctors and nurses throw away their suits after exposing the fake corona virus? Here’s the truth #FactCheck

In the reported allegations, the scenes reported on social media show “doctors and nurses throwing their suits after exposing the fake Corona virus.” However, this claim is partially false, misleading. It is true that the video shows employees of the National Health Service in Britain throwing their shirts in front of Downing Street headquarters in … Read more

She aborted her baby because of Lovenox medication…a doctor’s cry shortens the suffering of patients!

She was carrying it in her womb and seeing it grow inside her with joy and patience. She who had suffered from previous miscarriages received the news of her pregnancy with enthusiasm and gratitude. 4 months ago, health care to avoid any painful loss that she could not bear, but in Lebanon, losses may live … Read more