Its size is more than 4 times a huge skyscraper. An asteroid threatens the Earth on May 27!

NASA has warned that an asteroid four times the size of a huge skyscraper will approach Earth on May 27. According to NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies, the asteroid is four times the size of the Empire State Building (a skyscraper in New York City in the United States, consisting of more than 100 … Read more

Watch .. a “nutrition expert” reveals a strange way to speed up the ripening of the “hard avocado” in just one day!

Exclusive translation: Danish health expert, Caroline Groth, wowed her thousands of online followers after sharing a video showing how hard avocados ripen in just 24 hours. The health expert went viral on Instagram quickly, after she posted a clip online showing how she puts a hard avocado in a paper bag with a kiwi fruit … Read more

Video – “Google” offers the feature of communicating in different languages ​​through smart glasses!

It takes a long time for lovers of language learning to master a language in order to be able to communicate with it. In the end, these people will only be able to master a limited number of languages, which often will not exceed the fingers of one hand, but it seems that this will … Read more

Watch .. An Egyptian media documenting the last video of the late artist Samir Sabry from inside the hotel in which he died, and the world sings sugar!

Al-Marsad newspaper: The media, Mona Iraqi, raised a great case of controversy on social media, after publishing a video clip of her with the late artist Samir Sabry, while he was at the Marriott Hotel, where he died last Friday. And the media, Mona Iraqi, published on her official account on “Facebook”, a video clip … Read more

After receiving her as a refugee in their home, a Ukrainian woman “kidnaps” a British woman from his wife!

The decision of a British man and his wife to welcome a Ukrainian refugee into their home, after sympathizing with her humanitarian condition, led to the disintegration of their small family, which used to live happily. In the details of the news reported by the newspaper “The Sun”, security guard Tony Garnett, 29, a father … Read more

“Bahbri” reveals information for the first time about monkeypox, which is spreading in Europe… and for this reason, Saudis will never catch it! • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Dr. Nizar Bahabri said that monkeypox, which is currently spreading in Europe, does not have antibiotics as it is one of the viruses. And he explained in a video clip: “Some bacteria and viruses are transmitted to people because they remain suspended in the air, like tuberculosis known as tuberculosis and gooseberry.” And … Read more