I haven’t seen my mother for 11 years, for this reason (video)

The Syrian actor, Samer Al-Masry, admitted that he had not seen his mother for eleven years, recalling the most beautiful thing she used to call him after every work he did, as she had always described him as “the hero of the republic.” Al-Masry added, during his appearance on the “From the Heart” program, which … Read more

Sambo is the champion of the Lebanon International Golf Tournament

The Finn, Lazy Sambo, a member of the Finnish diplomatic mission in Lebanon, won the Lebanon International Open Championship for the Golf Club “The Late Shawky Harb Cup”, which was organized by the Lebanese Federation for the game on the golf club’s courts in the Al-Jnah area. (gross) and net (NET) and was paid on … Read more

In the video, the world champion in “Jijitsu” Muhammad Al Mukhles reveals the reason for saying, “It is enough, Fahd, you do not die.”

Al-Marsad newspaper: The world champion in Jiu-Jitsu, Muhammad Al-Mukhlis, revealed the reason for saying, “It is enough, Fahd, that you do not die.” Al Mukhles said, during an intervention on the “Al-Rased” program: “Fahd is everything, and he is the reason for my success, and if I lose him, I will lose everything.” He continued, … Read more

Watch.. Retired boxing champion Naseem Hamid talks with Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Al-Marsad newspaper: Documented several photos of the British boxing champion of Yemeni origin, retired “Naseem Hamid” exchanging a conversation with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman while attending the Red Sea fight in Jeddah. The Crown Prince had arrived at King Abdullah Sports Hall to follow up on the Red Sea heavyweight boxing fight. The match … Read more

Do you remember the artist Naim Issa, the hero of the play “Raya and Sakina” .. Watch how he has become now .. and for those who said “one of them is for God”

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Egyptian media, Amr Al-Leithi, published on his account on “Instagram” the promo of the new episode of his program “One of the People”, in which he hosts the Egyptian artist Naim Issa, in which he revealed the suffering he is experiencing in the recent period because his colleagues were not asked about … Read more

Two women blackmail the world boxing champion

George Foreman, the former world heavyweight boxing champion, has claimed that two women are trying to blackmail him into paying him millions of dollars, based on allegations that he sexually assaulted them in the 1970s. After the alleged attempt to blackmail the 73-year-old former fighter failed, sources close to Foreman told TMZ Sport that the … Read more