Ramy Sabry presents “Faker Yourself Gift”, the latest song from his new album news

The artist, Ramy Sabry, released his new song, “Faker Yourself a Gift,” from his new album, “Maaya Will Be Creative.” “Think Yourself a Gift”, written by Ahmed Ali Moussa, composed by Madian and arranged by Jalal Al Hamdawy. We recommend – “They made me sit on their laps and violated my body with their arms” … Read more

The remake of “The Last of Us” will be launched on the PC platform in March next year to expand Sony’s game development market #playstation (186419)

The PC version of “The Last of Us” has been launched successively, which also highlights Sony’s plan to use the PC platform to reach more player groups through the exclusive game originally only on the PlayStation platform, increase its game revenue opportunities, and even Attract more PC platform players to join the PlayStation platform. Naughty … Read more