For the first time … in the video.. “Muhammad Abdo” breaks his silence and reveals the details of his dispute with an “important personality” and stopped singing four years later

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The artist, Mohamed Abdo, revealed for the first time the details of the great dispute that occurred between him and an “important personality”, after which he stopped singing four years later. questioning his patriotism And he said during his appearance on the Liwan program: When you swear on something, you are either a … Read more

Egypt News | Science and Technology / Report: The CHEOPS mission extends the search for exoplanets in Europa until 2026

announced European Space Agency (ESA) that CHEOPS It will continue its mission to study exoplanets — which includes selecting “golden target” worlds for deeper investigation with the James Webb Space Telescope. (JWST) – For at least another three years, with the possibility of extending this further until 2029. was launched CHEOPS in December 2019 from … Read more

Defying intense radiation.. The Parker probe is the first mission to touch the sun

The Parker Solar Probe has made its 14th close flyby of the Sun, as part of its ongoing quest to unlock the secrets of our star. As the morning began on Sunday, December 11, the NASA spacecraft reached its closest point to the sun’s surface, also known as the photosphere, at a distance of about … Read more

How does the Saudi team surpass its Mexican counterpart?.. Al-Lahyani answers and reveals 4 important points that help him win – video

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Sports critic Sultan Al-Lihyani responded to the question of sports journalist Walid Al-Faraj, in which he said, “How does the Saudi national team surpass its Mexican counterpart during today’s match?” Al-Lihyani said, in televised statements on the “Action with Walid” program, that the most important point is balance and not rushing offensively in … Read more

Seven important tips for investing in stocks

date of publication : Monday 04:19 2022-11-28 Last update : Monday 04:25 2022-11-28 Oman – Opinion The more people need to be financially independent, the more they are interested in investing. Therefore, today we see many of them joining the investment in stocks, but they need special help, with everyone asking aboutWhere is the global … Read more

NASA’s test mission, Artemis 1, enters orbit around the Moon

10 days after the launch of NASA’s unmanned “Artemis 1” mission, the Orion spacecraft entered lunar orbit. On Friday, NASA said that the agency’s flight controllers “successfully conducted a burn-out to get Orion into a distant orbit,” which means that the spacecraft will fly about 64,400 kilometers above the moon. The agency stated that due … Read more