Ghaza Exposes the Behavior of Aa Gym’s Eldest Daughter Who Cried and Called Teh Ninih Hypocritical, Ghaida Martial

PR TASIKMALAYA – Divorce Aa Gym and Ninih Tea as if it were for public consumption. How not, Ghaza the son Aa Gym and Ninih Tea, shouting on Facebook dismantling disgrace father and brother, Ghaida. After mentioning Aa Gym often throws hurtful words at Ninih Tea, now Ghaza mention Ghaida also once shouted and called … Read more

Teh Ninih Didn’t Expect Aa Gym to Sue for Divorce for the 3rd Time

Jakarta – KH Abdullah Gymnastiar or Aa Gym back with shocking news, Mother. Aa Gym has again filed for divorce from Teh Ninih for the third time, after having withdrawn the divorce suit at the Bandung Religious Court. This incident took place shortly after the story of his son, Muhammad Ghaza Al Ghazali, went viral … Read more

Sued for Divorce Aa Gym Again, Here’s Teh Ninih’s Shocking Reaction

Jakarta, Insertlive – KH Abdullah Gymnastiar or Aa Gym again filed for divorce against Ninih Muthmainnah or Teh Ninih. It becomes public question because Previously, at the end of March, Aa Gym filed for divorce from Teh Ninih. Regarding the news of the divorce lawsuit coming back cast against Ninih tea, the attorney for this … Read more

Aa Gym Sues for Divorce Ninih Tea Again

Bandung – KH Abdullah Gymnastiar or Aa Gym had withdrawn the divorce suit against Ninih Muthmainah or Teh Ninih in court. However, now Aa Gym has filed a lawsuit again. “That’s right (filed another lawsuit). Yesterday, it just came in,” said Dedi Setiadi, one of Aa Gym’s attorneys when confirmed, Friday (11/6/2021). Dedi said the … Read more

Amazing Aa Gym Calls Ninih Tea Down to Machine, Komnas Perempuan Alludes to Psychic Violence

Jakarta – Household trouble Aa Gym and Teh Ninih is getting worse, Mother. The owner’s full name, Abdullah Gymnastiar, was publicly criticized for calling his wife “down the engine” seven times. Previously, the son of Aa Gym disclosed the treatment of the famous ustaz towards Teh Ninih. Muhammad Ghaza Al Ghazali said his father had … Read more