Xiaomi Launches Redmi Buds 5: Wireless Headphones with Flagship Features and AAPE Collaboration

2023-11-06 22:52:30 Xiaomi launches new headphones under the Redmi brand, Redmi Buds 5, TWS wireless headphones that have flagship-level features. With a noise canceling system That cuts sound up to 46 decibels, can be adjusted to 3 levels, along with Transparency Mode, listening to outside sounds without having to remove the headphones, which can be … Read more

Qualcomm brings big changes to ANC with AI

2023-10-25 15:37:32 AI (artificial intelligence) is coming to wireless headphones in a big way thanks to Qualcomm and its new S7 Gen1 audio platform. In the 4th generation of active noise cancellation (ANC) technology developed by the company, advanced AI was used supported by a new architecture with dedicated audio cores, bringing several features. Qualcomm’s … Read more

Delta and Southwest Loyalty Program Changes, United Boarding Revamp, and More Air Travel News

2023-10-21 11:04:27 FILE: A Southwest Airlines passenger plane prepares to take off from Denver International Airport. Robert Alexander/Getty Images In this week’s air travel news, both Delta and Southwest unveiled changes to their loyalty programs that make it easier to achieve top tier status; United says it will revamp its passenger boarding next week; United … Read more

How do noise canceling headphones work?

2023-09-25 14:15:00 If there is a major factor that contributes to increasing the volume of our headphones, it is undoubtedly external noise or “noise”, whether on city streets, in coworking offices, on buses, planes, among others. others. For this reason, many think that the greater the “volume” of the headphones, the greater the quality, which … Read more

Realme Buds Air 5: The Ultimate Guide to Features, Specifications, and Pricing

2023-08-27 12:00:00 realme Buds Air 5 Series The new TWS wireless earbuds have been launched in India, coming in two variants, realme Buds Air 5 and realme Buds Air 5 Pro. You can follow the link here and realme Buds Air 5 to see the various features. As below, realme Buds Air 5 are TWS … Read more

The best TWS wireless headphones of 2023

2023-08-11 16:23:00 Due to the ever-increasing number of True Wireless (TWS) headphone releases each year, many people end up getting lost when analyzing models. With that in mind, to better direct the choices, a list of outstanding models in the market was drawn up. The choice was based on reviews from several review sites specializing … Read more