Film Critics Awards; Kunchacko Boban Best Actor, Darshana Best Actress

2023-05-22 12:13:26 22 May 2023, 05:43 PM IST Film critics awards 2022 462nd Kerala Film Critics Awards announced. Srilal Devaraj, Prema P. The best films are ‘Headmaster’ directed by Rajeev Nath and ‘B 32 to 44’ directed by Shruti Saranyam, produced by Thekek. Mahesh Narayanan was chosen as the best director for the movie ‘Aariip’. … Read more

Joo Woo-jae, ‘sigh’ at Kim Jong-guk who bought 7 T-shirts of the same color… “You know fashion?” (My ugly baby)

2023-05-21 13:18:00 Joo Woo-jae pointed out Kim Jong-kook’s fashion.On SBS ‘My Little Old Boy’, which aired on the 21st, Kim Jong-kook and Joo Woo-jae went offline shopping for clothes. On a rainy day, the two arrived at a place exchanging good wishes (?), “The weather is filthy since I met you” and “The weather is … Read more

Hong Jin-kyung, a fatal backside with the MZ generation look… Joo Woo-jae “I want to talk to you” (Hong Kim Dong-jeon)

2023-05-11 12:36:00 Hong Jin-kyung, a former model and broadcaster, transformed into a so-called ‘New York MZ’ wearing the MZ generation look. In the KBS2 entertainment program ‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’, which aired on May 11, the members had the concept of living the mz generation’s life and hardships. On this day, the cast members appeared wearing … Read more

‘Cheer up’ Heo Chan-mi “Parents’ past duet activities… My father became a pastor to get permission to marry”

2023-05-09 14:45:00 Heo Chan-mi revealed that her parents were singers.On MBC’s ‘Tongue Mixed Martial Arts Set Chih’, which aired on the 9th (Tuesday), Heo Chan-mi of ‘Jungkkeok, Seth Chih’ unraveled the story under the theme of ‘the surprising secret of her birth that she learned after turning to trot’. Heo Chan-mi said, “I’ve been an … Read more

Kim Tae-hyun “I tried not to appear with my mother-in-law on ‘Dolsing For Man’, but the atmosphere at home was strange”

2023-05-09 14:48:00 Comedian Kim Tae-hyun confessed the reason for accepting the appearance of ‘Doll Sing For Man’. On SBS’s ‘Shoes Off, Dolsing For Man’, which aired on May 9, comedian Kim Tae-hyun and Mi-ja couple and mother-in-law Jeon Seong-ae appeared together. On this day, Lee Sang-min asked, “But isn’t the son-in-law not good at talking … Read more

‘Save me! Dong-Min Jang of Holmes, “If you have multiple children, you should provide a house for free”

2023-05-07 14:03:00 Jang Dong-min said a word about the policy for multi-child households. MBC entertainment program ‘Save me! In ‘Holmes’, a couple of clients looking for a house in an area with educational infrastructure appeared. On this day, comedian Jung Ju-ri appeared as an intern coordinator on the Bok team. Jung Ju-ri greeted her by … Read more