“Infected with COVID” found 6 new abnormal symptoms with significant significance

epidemic situationCOVID At present, there are countless strains developed until the latest outbreak of COVID in Thailand, more than 70% of which are Omicron subspecies BA.2.75. COVID symptom also changed which the latest research Found abnormal symptoms occurring afterCOVID-infected significantly Assoc.Prof.Dr.Theera Worathanarat or “Doctor Theera” Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University provides information that a research … Read more

Open 3 reasons for “addicted to COVID”, the risk of diabetes has increased to 1 million, met 20,000 people

“Addicted to COVID” In addition to experiencing long-covid conditions with common symptoms The results of many studies also found that After recovering from COVID-19 Whether children or adults chance of getting sickdiabetes following and much higher but higher for any reason It is still something that needs to be researched. Dr. Anant Chongkaewwittaya virology researcher … Read more

Addicted to COVID, how to treat it? Open guidelines for treating COVID patients with obstructive pulmonary disease-heart disease-diabetes.

Addicted to COVID, what to do? steps to cure covid Covid quarantine for 5 days at least Ready to adjust the treatment guidelines for 3 groups of patients with obstructive pulmonary disease – heart disease – diabetes. Easier access to antidote Immunomodulatory additives (LAAB) as a treatment option If you are addicted to COVID, how … Read more

“Covid Vaccine – Flu Vaccine” can be injected at the same time? Check before vaccination.

epidemic situationCOVID-19 started to go viral again which is according to the doctor’s predictions That COVID will come back to spread again in November-Jan, which is the winter season. together with more relaxation measures which the Ministry of Public Health recommend to the public especially risk groups receive booster vaccination If 4 months have passed … Read more

“Covid Vaccine” saves lives of patients with COVID after cancer Recommend injection risk group

“Dr. Manoon” Dr. Manoon Leechawengwong or a respiratory specialist Vichaiyut Hospital posted on Facebook Doctor Manoon Leechawengwong FC open data “Covid Vaccine” can save the lives of patients with leukemia behind addicted to covid pneumonia and respiratory failure Introducing 608 risk group people who haven’t yetvaccinate or received only one vaccination Hurry up to get … Read more

Dr. Chalermchai warns not to be addicted to COVID again 2 times the risk of death, 3 times the risk of serious illness

Dr. Chalermchai cited the results of a research study comparing people infected with COVID 1 time with repeated infection 2 times. It was found that if infected with COVID 2 times or more, the chance of death is 2 times more severely ill 3 times more important organs of the body are damaged. The more … Read more