What is kleptomania?

Also spelled kleptomania, this disorder pushes an individual to steal things without being able to control it. When the drive takes him, the kleptomaniac (or kleptomaniac) increases in tension. Whether in a store or at work, the temptation to commit theft is irresistible. So, out of sight, he slides a book, a utensil or a … Read more

Egypt.. Details of the verdict against the “Damietta thug” who amputated a woman’s hand and assaulted her son with a piece of wood

Al-Marsad Newspaper: An Egyptian court ruled that the accused, known in the media as the “Damietta thug,” who cut off a woman’s hand, injured her son, and attempted to kill her in Kafr al-Batikh in Damietta Governorate, was sentenced to 15 years in prison. The “thugs of Damietta” were accused of showing force, threatening violence … Read more

Instagram forced to remove content promoting alcohol

It is “a historic victory against the sponsorship of alcohol online”, welcomed Addictions France in a press release. By Le Figaro with AFP Published on 02/07/2023 at 7:46 p.m. This content is not accessible. The judgment also condemns Meta to provide Addictions France with the real identities of the influencers concerned (surname and first name, … Read more

paresthesias, ataxia and bilateral steppage in a young patient

Presentation A 20-year-old patient was hospitalized 5 days ago following paresthesias of the lower limbs, ataxia and bilateral steppage progressively evolving for about ten days. He has no known medical or psychiatric history. During this hospitalization, the team carried out various biological assessments (including lumbar and toxicological puncture) and imaging (including cerebral and medullary MRI) … Read more

Dismissal of 1,000 employees for drug use. An official clarifies the details

11:29 PM Tuesday, January 17, 2023 Books – Ahmed Abdel Moneim: Dr. Amr Othman, director of the Addiction and Abuse Combat Fund, said that an employee of the state’s administrative apparatus who voluntarily applies for treatment for drug addiction gets treatment free of charge, and in complete confidentiality, through the hotline number 16023. Othman added, … Read more

Witness.. The head of an addiction treatment center cries during a meeting with a young man who tells the story of how he started using “Shabu” and how he got rid of it

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A person recovering from shabu addiction revealed the story of his recovery from addiction after he was transferred to an addiction treatment center, in a serious condition. condition Collapse He said during a live broadcast with one of the center’s officials: “I was addicted to shabu, and from a lot of addiction I … Read more