The economy of annexed Crimea is stagnating (VIDEO)

During the ten years of annexation, Russia built new roads for Crimean residents, but limited their freedom. While the occupation authorities are investing money in security forces and defense, there are not enough teachers and doctors on the peninsula. Salaries of residents are still 20–30% less than the national average, and the number of tourists … Read more

For real estate in Latvia, they offer two cadastral values: why?

In this regard, the legal commission of the Sejm, at several meetings, considered proposals and clarifications prepared by the Ministry of Justice for amendments to the Law on the State Real Estate Cadastre, which had already been adopted in the first reading. As a result, we came to a decision: two cadastral values ​​should be … Read more

Lack of sleep affects our emotions, making us less positive and more anxious | Health & Wellness

With these data on the table, it is not strange that sleeping problems are beginning to be an issue that also keeps us awake as a society. There is increasing scientific evidence that demonstrates the relationship between chronic sleep deficit and the development of numerous diseases, including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases and some … Read more