Beto Ortiz sends Mayra Couto to work for selling her greetings: “Don’t give this girl money” | AFHS | At the bottom there is room | world | SHOWS

Mayra Couto once again makes people talk after finding out that she sells personalized greetings for $25 and Beto Ortiz did not miss the opportunity to launch strong criticism against the former member of “In the background there is room”. MIRA: Together again: Mayra Couto met with Mónica Sánchez, her mother in AFHS fiction The … Read more

“There is room at the bottom”: how many years does Felix Panduro take Zulimar Rodríguez in real life? | Liz Mariana Godoy | Carlos Solano | afhs | America Television | atmp | | tv show

The guachimán and the domestic worker are one of the most stable couples in “Al fondo hay sitio”. Photo: Composition LR/America TV One of the new couples in “Al fondo hay sitio” is the one formed between Zulimar y Félix. The entry of the Venezuelan has generated a new illusion for the guachimán of The … Read more

Karime Scander reveals that she thought about having surgery because of the criticism of her physique Alessia Montalban AFHS There is a site in the background VIDEO farándula trcm | SHOWS

shows The actress who plays Alessia in “Al fondo hay sitio” confessed that she was about to undergo cosmetic surgery, but upon reflection she ruled out the idea. Karime Scander, actress who plays Alessia Montalban in the recent season of ‘At the bottom there is room’was a guest on the Jesús Alzamora program on YouTube. … Read more

Does Andrés Wiese return to ‘AFHS’?: Erick Elera publishes a video that would indicate the return of Nicolás de las Casas to Al Fondo Hay Sitio VIDEO farándula trcm | SHOWS

The series ‘Al fondo hay sitio’ left its audience surprised with the return of Claudia Plains, who was a real unexpected surprise. Everything seems to indicate that the production still has the return of other characters. MIRA: Patricia Llosa threatens the press with her bag after leaving Mario Vargas Llosa’s house Nicolás de las Casas … Read more

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season 9 of “At the bottom there is room” It came to an end on Friday, December 23, 2022, with a shocking chapter in which viewers were surprised by Jimmy and Alessia’s passionate kiss, the unexpected return of “The Shark Look” and other key facts that left the film on hold. successful television series after … Read more

Gustavo Bueno reveals what it was like to work with Karina Calmet: “She got a little unfriendly and very angry” | At the bottom there is room | America Peruvian TV | AFHS 2022 | show business

Gustavo Bueno gave an interview in which he spoke openly about his former colleague Karina Calmetin addition to telling how his experience was in the recordings of “At the bottom there is room”. Previously, the interpreter of Isabella Picasso had had some discrepancies with her castmates due to issues of political ideology. In the same … Read more