The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Latest News and Updates on the Gaza Corridor Crisis

2023-12-06 01:39:00 2023/12/6 09:39 (updated at 12/6 11:35) As the conflict between Israel and Hamas continues, rescue workers carried out injured people from a rubble in the Gaza corridor on the 5th. (Anadolu News Agency) (Central News Agency Gaza Corridor Comprehensive Foreign Reports on the 5th) The Israeli army and the Palestinian armed group “Hamas” … Read more

Crisis in the Gaza Strip: News and Updates from Ground Zero

2023-12-04 15:53:57 The Foreign Office has described the end of the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas as a bitter setback. This applies to the hostages who are being held in tunnels, as well as to the population in Gaza that is dependent on humanitarian aid and has to fear for their lives, said a spokesman … Read more

Israel’s Army Unearths 800 Tunnel Shafts in Gaza Strip: Latest Updates and Reports

2023-12-03 13:24:11 Israel News ++ Israel’s army: 800 tunnel shafts found in the Gaza Strip ++ WELTIsrael continues bombardment in the Gaza Strip daily NewsMiddle East war: Israel reports discovery of 800 Hamas tunnels t-onlineBombings in southern Gaza: “They don’t know where to go” – n-tv NEWSLive blog: ++ People should leave regions around … Read more

Hamas Hostage Crisis: Latest Updates from Israel and the Middle East

2023-11-28 22:22:31 Israel News ++ 17-year-old Israeli woman was held hostage by Hamas with her dog ++ WELTIsrael War: 5th hostage deal with Hamas: Ten Israelis on the way to freedom BILDSituation in the Middle East: Another 11 hostages released by Hamas daily NewsDoes the ceasefire play into Hamas’s hands? Analyst on the situation zdf.deQatar … Read more

”South African Parliament Votes to Close Israeli Embassy in Pretoria: Latest Developments in Israel-Palestine Conflict”

2023-11-21 18:49:46 The majority of the South African parliament voted to close the Israeli embassy in Pretoria. The corresponding motion received a majority of 241 MPs on Tuesday evening. The National Assembly has 400 members. President Cyril Ramaphosa has the final decision on closing the embassy. The request for the debate on the message was … Read more

Live updates on Israel’s military operations in Gaza and the surrounding areas

2023-11-16 12:19:49 Israel has urged people in the eastern neighborhoods of Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip to leave their homes. The Israeli Air Force dropped leaflets in the area overnight, calling on residents to move to safety and shelter for themselves and their families. This could indicate an impending military operation. Tens of … Read more