In Guinea, a guarantee fund to give SMEs breathing space

2023-09-28 22:00:38 Guinea has just acquired a new financial institution: the Business Loan Guarantee Fund (FGPE). This new, unique institution’s mission is to facilitate the granting of bank loans to small and medium-sized businesses through a risk-sharing mechanism. The FGPE benefits from technical and financial support from the World Bank. From our correspondent in Conakry, … Read more

African livestock breeders in search of solutions to achieve food sovereignty

2023-09-20 23:17:38 Last week, a large African delegation traveled to the Rennes International Livestock Show to meet professionals in the sector, and find solutions for the breeding sectors, particularly poultry. The market is booming, but international competition is undermining local production. A poultry farm in Senegal. © AFP/Seyllou Continue reading on the same themes: 1695258863 … Read more

Kenya: construction of the futuristic city Konza Technopolis is delayed [1/2]

2023-09-18 23:05:12 A new city that would combine industries, universities, residential neighborhoods, leisure areas, but also a green and smart city. A technology and innovation hub designed to attract investors. This is the entire ambition of Konza Technopolis. Located about sixty kilometers southeast of Nairobi, on 5,000 acres of land in the middle of a … Read more

Persistent Lack of Foreign Exchange in Mauritius: Insights from Industrialists and Economists

2023-09-03 23:57:00 From our correspondent in Port-Louis, Despite the repeated interventions of the Bank of Mauritius since the end of the pandemic and the economic recovery, Mauritian industrialists face a persistent problem of lack of foreign exchange. A historical importer, preferring to remain anonymous, confides to us: “ I continue to visit banks to obtain … Read more

Tunisia: the rose of Kairouan, a lever for economic and tourist development [2/3]

2023-08-27 22:04:02 Cultivated in the center of Tunisia, this rose is renowned for the intensity and delicacy of its fragrance and prized by international perfumers. More and more players are becoming aware of the economic potential represented by this flower and are convinced that the promotion of the Kairouan rose will create jobs and attract … Read more

Ivory Coast: the archaeological park of Ahouakro, a disputed tourist manna

2023-08-23 22:15:36 North of Abidjan, in the sub-prefecture of Tiassalé, there is an archaeological park little known outside Côte d’Ivoire, but included on the tentative list of UNESCO heritage: Ahouakro Park , which extends over 120 hectares. It is home to megaliths – prehistoric monuments – dated from -2300 to -2150 million years before our … Read more