Voting for the People’s Power National Convention begins…“Overwhelming support” “Please send a final vote”

Hwang Kyo-an, Kim Ki-hyun, Ahn Cheol-soo, and Chun Ha-ram, candidates for the People’s Power Party (from left) are taking a commemorative photo before the start of the last broadcast debate held by Channel A at Channel A Studio in Sangam-dong, Seoul on the 3rd. National Assembly Photo Correspondents People’s Power Party runners appealed for last … Read more

[리얼미터] People’s Power Party representative candidate approval rating survey Kim Ki-hyun 44% Ahn Cheol-soo 23%

Cheon Ha-ram 15.6%, Hwang Kyo-ahn 14.6% Multilateral confrontation for the people’s strength supporters Ahn Cheol-soo, Hwang Kyo-ahn, Cheon Ha-ram, and Kim Ki-hyun, candidates for the People’s Power Party (from left), are taking commemorative photos at the TV debate held at the KBS main building in Yeouido, Seoul on the 22nd. National Assembly Photo Correspondents On … Read more

In the end, Na Kyung-won, who held Kim Ki-hyun’s hand, will have an impact on the national convention?

Meet Candidate Kim before the preliminary contest Former lawmaker Na “will play a role in winning the general election” I didn’t declare my support, but in fact I was on Kim’s side. Chun Ha-ram “The Behavior of the Perpetrator of School Violence” Criticism enlarge photo Former lawmaker Na Gyeong-won, who decided not to run for … Read more

People’s Power ‘Non-Captain Joo Ho-young’ conversion… Lee Jun-seok “I will apply for injunction”

◀ anchor ▶ Power of the People today appointed five-term lawmaker Ho-Young Joo as the chairman of the emergency countermeasures committee. Rep. Joo chose to resolve conflicts and divisions in the party as the top priority of the non-captain, but Chairman Lee Jun-seok, who has resigned from his position, reaffirmed the legal response policy and … Read more

Woo Sang-ho “Ahn Cheol-soo goes to the United States when he has to deal with the party’s red tape… irresponsible”

[국회사진기자단] Woo Sang-ho, chairman of the Emergency Response Committee of the Democratic Party of Korea, said that Rep. Ahn Cheol-soo is also responsible for the inner power of the people, the ruling party, and set a day of criticism for why he went to the United States at a time when he had to fix … Read more

Lee Jae-myung ‘Gyeyang-eul’, Ahn Cheol-soo ‘Bundang-gap’ … “Election 2nd round”

◀ anchor ▶ Lee Jae-myung, senior adviser to the Democratic Party of Korea, announced that he would run for a by-election in Gyeyang, Incheon, and said he would lead a majority victory in the local elections. Ahn Cheol-soo, chairman of the People’s Power Transition Committee, also voted for Bundangap in Gyeonggi Province and said that … Read more