How do you calculate the number of deaths linked to air pollution?

DECRYPTION – The reality behind the mortality figures is more complex than it appears. “A death in five in the world is linked to air pollution. “” Air pollution causes nearly 100,000 premature deaths per year in France. ” “More than 40,000 dead each year attributable to air pollution in France ”… It has become … Read more

Towards stricter standards for air pollutants

INFOGRAPHICS – To reduce the number of premature deaths worldwide, the WHO recommends lowering the alert thresholds for the finest particles and nitrogen oxides. For this October 14, National Air Quality Day in France, Airparif has issued a warning, because the fine particle threshold may be exceeded in the Paris region. And, despite the improvement … Read more

Frankfurt becomes a smart city with sensors

Daten, data, data. Information about light and darkness, traffic jams, water levels, garbage cans, pedestrian frequencies, air quality and much more are considered the basis of a smart city, i.e. a city in which digital applications make life more pleasant and at the same time the available resources are used more efficiently. While some are … Read more