Absolutely clean, space-saving and smart

ÖkoFEN, a specialist for pellet heating systems, is presenting 23 top innovations at the WeBuild energy saving trade fair in Wels Hall 20, Stand C310. The company relies on absolutely clean, independent and efficient heating with pellets.For the first time, a ZeroFlame pellet boiler from ÖkoFEN will be presented live in operation at the trade … Read more

The plane was violently bumped and fell, and passengers were crying and writing their last words. West Air responded: Arrived safely-fast technology-technology changes the future

Passengers cried and wrote their last words as the plane crashed violently. West Air responded: Arrived safely In this situation, do you pray silently, or take out your phone to record the “last moment”? Recently, a video of a West Air flight tumbling and crashing causing passengers to scream has sparked heated discussions on social … Read more

Black is the new white

For a long time, white and light colors dominated interiors, but now dark nuances are the order of the day. If, for example, you choose skirting boards, door and window frames in black to go with a wall design in navy blue or fir green, you can complete the harmonious overall picture with radiators in … Read more