Japanese fart kid licks Sushiro and spits out 16 billion Yabata Akio, proposes 3 reflections- Life-Liberty Times Newsletter

In response to the incident of a 17-year-old Japanese boy licking indiscriminately in a sushi restaurant, Akio Yaban put forward three reflections. (file photo) 2023/02/01 21:50 [Instant News/Comprehensive Report]A 17-year-old boy in Japan went to the chain sushi chain sushi restaurant “Sushiro”, licked the public soy sauce bottle in the store, and even stained the … Read more

China’s re-opening of Japanese visas “is tantamount to admitting that retaliation was wrong” Akio Yaba: Wolves in sheep’s clothing | China | Newtalk News

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin. Figure: Flipping the World Wide Web (file photo) After the loosening of China’s epidemic prevention policy, the number of infections and deaths has increased sharply. Neighboring Japan and South Korea have quickly imposed exclusive entry epidemic prevention clauses for Chinese entry. China has also made relevant policies in retaliation. … Read more

Japan passed the “Security 3 Document” Akio Yata: The encirclement network against China is gradually taking shape-International-Liberty Times Newsletter

Senior Japanese media person Akio Yata pointed out that a Chinese encirclement network mainly composed of Europe, America and Japan has gradually formed. The picture shows Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. (AFP) 2022/12/18 07:57 [Instant News/Comprehensive Report]The Japanese government held an interim cabinet meeting on the 16th, and passed the new version of the “National … Read more

Cai Zhengyuan accepts Akio Yaita’s debate post, but he has to respond first with these “6 preconditions” | Politics | Newtalk News

Akio Yaita, director of the Taipei branch of Japan’s Sankei Shimbun, and Cai Zhengyuan, a former legislator of the Kuomintang.Picture: Taken from Yaita Akio, Cai Zhengyuan Facebook In the past year, Akio Yaita, director of the Taipei branch of Japan’s “Sankei Shimbun”, who has frequently criticized Taiwan’s current affairs through Facebook, has been accused by … Read more

Someone apologized for the high end!Akio Yaita bluntly said “Japan is wrong this time” | Politics | Newtalk News

Akio Yaita apologized for his failure to influence the Japanese government’s high-end policy as a Japanese media reporter stationed in Taiwan. He said that there is no data to prove that high-end communication is more dangerous, and pointed out that the Japanese government has done something wrong in this regard. Photo: Taken from Yaita Akio’s … Read more

Akio Yaita: The Russia-Ukraine War has entered a “garbage time”, China will become the next “enemy of the whole people” | International | Newtalk News

The Ukrainian army launched a full-scale counterattack with lightning speed. The Russian army lost more than 2,000 square kilometers of land within a few days.Photo: flipped by Володимир Зеленський Facebook After Russia’s initial beheading attempt to invade Ukraine failed, it fell into a protracted and time-consuming stalemate. The Ukrainian army recently launched a lightning counterattack … Read more