“Stop fucking”: the Congress woke up wallpaper with a harsh message against Cristina Kirchner and Alberto Fernández

After a stormy day for the Government of Alberto Fernandez, that the internal kirchnerism flared up, this Friday the area of ​​Congress woke up covered with posters with the face of Juan Domingo Peron and a phrase from the leader of the movement, to send a strong message to the current leadership. “First the country, … Read more

The tough letter from CFK to Fernández: “I will not tolerate press operations from the presidential environment” | International

The vice president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner referred for the first time to the crisis unleashed within the national government to denounce that she is not going to “continue to tolerate the press operations that are made about me and our political space through the presidential environment through her spokesperson. ”. In an extensive publication … Read more

Argentine government suffers crushing defeat in primary elections | International

The Argentine legislative primaries this Sunday dealt a strong setback to the government of the center-left Peronist Alberto Fernández, as the candidates of the opposition center-right alliance Juntos were the most voted for the midterm elections on November 14. The primaries, because they are mandatory, represent a full-scale survey regarding the president’s management, in his … Read more

Pepe Mujica, on the party in Olivos: “Presidents cannot be forgiven”

The 86-year-old former president also spoke about how he sees the relationship between the two countries. “It’s not bad at all but it should be better,” he said. Last modification: August 20, 2021, 5:30 p.m. “Pepe” Mujica, however, made reference to the difficult work carried out by Alberto Fernández. (Photo: EFE). The former president of … Read more

Alberto Fernández in La Matanza: “I will never have to apologize for indebting generations of Argentines” | The President called to discuss what model of country we want

In an act in The slaughter, at the inauguration of the University Center for Innovation, Alberto Fernandez gave a speech with a strong political tone. He took up the subject of the photo of the meeting in Olivos, which he once again described as an error, and from there marked the profound differences between the … Read more

La Cámpora referred to the photo of Olivos and crossed Macri due to indebtedness | In the middle of the media offensive

In the midst of the offensive unleashed by the political and media opposition for the birthday toast celebrated at Quinta de Olivos during isolation, despite the recognition of the mistake by the president Alberto Fernández, the organization The field took the opportunity to initiate a counterattack. “With half of the media outrage of these days … Read more