asked for the vote for Capitanich and then met with Cecilia’s mother

2023-08-01 16:45:23 He President Alberto Fernandez visited Chaco this Monday. In an act, along with Governor Jorge Capitanich, he asked the people of Chaco to renew their confidence in the current provincial president. “Don’t forget what Coqui did these years for the Chaco,” Fernández said in his speech, framed in a Disability Congress. After addressing … Read more

Pedro Alfonso asked that Alberto Fernández end his mandate: “Everything went to…”

2023-07-30 16:56:53 This Saturday, Pedro Alfonso asked that Alberto Fernández end his term and was very dissatisfied with his political management. In dialogue with Marcelo Polino, the actor gave his opinion on the path of the current president, but then he turned to his words and said that he still supports him. In the program … Read more

The Government puts gas into Sergio Massa’s campaign with the Néstor Kirchner gas pipeline

2023-07-09 03:06:00 This July 9, Salliqueló, more than 500 kilometers from CABA, will offer the most important political photo of the electoral campaign of Unión por la Patria. Presidential candidate Sergio Massa, President Alberto Fernández and Vice President Cristina Kirchner will meet there to inaugurate the President Néstor Kirchner Gas Pipeline, the most important energy … Read more

The United Family: Alberto Fernández, Sergio Massa, and Cristina Kirchner Reunite for the Néstor Kirchner Gas Pipeline Inauguration

2023-07-07 01:12:44 “There is nothing more beautiful than a united family.” Especially in campaign. Despite the strong internal forces, Alberto Fernández, Sergio Massa and Cristina Kirchner will show up together again to give a sign of unity for the PASO. It will be this Sunday, at the ceremony for the inauguration of the Néstor Kirchner … Read more

Alberto Fernández and Lacalle Pou met again in Venezuela

2023-07-04 22:18:20 The differences between President Alberto Fernández and his Uruguayan counterpart, Luis Lacalle Pou, regarding the crisis in Venezuela were once again exposed at the LXII Summit of Mercosur Heads of State, held in Misiones, in which it was decided to move forward in negotiations with the European Union (EU). When speaking, Lacalle Pou … Read more

The Government will go to the Supreme Court to declare the reform promoted in Jujuy unconstitutional

2023-06-30 03:05:00 After the serious incidents recorded in Jujuy last week as a result of clashes between social organizations and police officers in the framework of the approval of the partial reform of the provincial Constitution, the national government will fully intercede and ask the Supreme Court of Justice to declare the new document unconstitutional. … Read more