The realtor believes that only her big fan will want to buy the castle of the Pugacheva family in Gryazi

Fans of the singer Alla Pugacheva continue to wonder: did the singer, along with her children Harry and Lisa, flew to Israel for permanent residence, or did they go there on vacation and return very soon. In Russia, Alla Borisovna and her husband Maxim Galkin * left a chic castle in the village of Gryaz. … Read more

what does a surrogate mother of twins Pugacheva and Galkin look like

In 2013 Alla Pugacheva and Maksim Galkin become parents of twins Lisa and Harry. Their surrogate mother Elena Shirinina gave birth to them. At that time, a 30-year-old blonde with blue eyes lived in Kazan. Elena knew whose children she carried under her heart, which she spoke about on the Live broadcast talk show. “When … Read more

Galkin left Pugacheva and children

Showman Maxim Galkin left his wife Alla Pugacheva and children Lisa and Harry in Jurmala, and he flew to Turkey. And the first thing in Antalya showed in the microblog the views from his balcony in the hotel to the endless Mediterranean Sea. “It’s not cold,” the artist emphasized. Galkin came to Antalya to speak … Read more

why Galkin sent Pugachev to Russia alone

The other day Alla Pugacheva noticed in one of the Moscow airports. The prima donna was alone, without a husband Maxim Galkinwho most likely stayed with the children in Latvia. “Max is having a summer chess. Against the backdrop of all the hype – the halls are packed. Galkin now needs to earn not only … Read more

it was forbidden to approach Shatunov’s grave, Pugacheva’s unusual abilities, Bely left Russia

Due to a violation of public order at the Troekurovsky cemetery, it was forbidden to approach the grave of Yuri Shatunov. Meanwhile, it became known that Alla Pugacheva has unusual abilities. About this and other news from the world of stars, which became the most read on July 14, – in the review It … Read more

Famous singer – about the trick of Pugacheva

Larisa Grechikhina For more than three months, the prima donna has been living in Israel. Alla Pugacheva. Photo: Global Look Press In the beginning of March Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin with their twins Lisa and Harry left Russia. Now the family lives in Israel, however, the Primadonna promised to return by September – the … Read more