the PS5 is available in a pack with MediaMarkt for less than 600 euros! (this is an offer to be seized urgently)

PS5: why is it more interesting to buy it as a pack? As we explained to you in this article, we finally come to the end of the shortage on the famous Sony console. It is indeed increasingly easy to find the PS5 at Belgian retailers. Nevertheless, prices can sometimes rise quickly, especially because of … Read more

An amazing nutritional treasure that helps fight diseases.. Get to know him

Legumes are considered one of the most important foods in the world, and they form an essential pillar in a healthy diet, which the human body needs to obtain energy. Legumes are the third largest plant family on earth in terms of the number of species, as they consist of approximately 20,000 species, and therefore … Read more

the price of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 connected watch drops below 200 euros at this e-merchant known to all

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: a practical and powerful connected watch Do you dream of having a connected watch? You don’t know which model to choose between Apple, Huawei, Fitbit or Samsung? Considered one of the most successful smartwatches running the Android operating system, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is a great choice, especially if you … Read more

Scientists made a surprising discovery in the center of the Earth

The inner core of the Earth seems to harbor an intimate secret. Geology textbooks almost inevitably include a cutaway diagram of the Earth showing four clearly delineated layers: a thin outer layer of rock on which we live known as Cortex; he manto, where rocks flow like an extremely viscous liquid, driving the movement of … Read more

Samsung gives phone cameras amazing capabilities.. Here are the details

Samsung unveiled a new optical sensor that will make a difference in the world of smartphone cameras. And Samsung indicated in its publications that “the ISOCELL HP2 sensor comes with a resolution of 200 megapixels, and it has “pixel improvement” techniques, which will give phone cameras amazing capabilities in the field of capturing high-resolution photos … Read more