Furious viewers with Cristina after preview of “La Ley de Baltazar” – Publimetro Chile

A scene caused the annoyance of the followers of “La Ley de Baltazar”, included in the preview of the next chapteras seen in the video of YouTube. It turns out that Cristina (Francisca Imboden) went to Margarita’s (Amparo Noguera) house to talk again about the protagonist of the soap opera. “Well, you will say,” Noguera’s … Read more

Scene from “La Ley de Baltazar” makes viewers speculate about the future of the protagonist

This Thursday’s episode of “Baltazar’s Law” left the followers of the soap opera concerned about a scene that makes them conjecture about the future of the main character in the storyas can be seen in the preview at YouTube. The narrative knot was generated with the conflict that the protagonist (Francisco Reyes) had with Margarita … Read more