Learn about the strange condition that Sherine set to marry again

Actress Sherine set a strange condition for the boy of her dreams if she decided to marry for the second time. Sherine said in press statements that she only married once and gave birth to one daughter, noting that she was not free to marry because she was preoccupied with her family, her work in … Read more

Learn about the specifications of the new Microsoft Surface Pro 9 tablet computer

Microsoft revealed the launch of the new version of the new Surface Pro 9 tablet computer. The American software giant explained that the tablet computer equipped with the Microsoft Windows system came with an optional keyboard case, as well as a pen for entering data, according to (Al-Ain Al-Akhbar). It also reported that the computer … Read more

Witness: Reem Al-Baroudi provokes the Algerians with her last photo

Egyptian actress Reem Al-Baroudi announced that she was experiencing a crisis in Algeria while she was there to attend a special party belonging to a fashion house. And Reem published several photos and videos, in which she revealed her strong anger and dissatisfaction with the mistreatment of the hotel management in which she stayed in … Read more

Watch: A major change in the features of Dr. Kholoud after appearing without makeup

Kuwaiti doctor and fashionista Kholoud shared a video clip through her personal account on the (Snapchat) application, in which she appeared, for the second time in a week, without makeup. The video clip revealed the change in the features of Dr. Kholoud and the difference in the shape with and without makeup, as the reactions … Read more

“OSN j” launches the Khaleeji series “Dafi Al-Sha’ar” exclusively for the first time on Ya Hala channel

OSN, the region’s leading entertainment content network, has exclusively for the first time launched the Khaleeji series “Dafi Al-Sha’ar” on Yala channel. “Dafi Al-Sha’ar” is considered one of the most important Gulf series that viewers watch across the Middle East, where it has received wide attention due to the distinctiveness of its inspiring message of … Read more

Watch: Marwa Ratib with a sexy look… and the audience is shocked by her height

Fascist Marwa Ratib shared her audience with a video clip to announce a product through her personal account on the (Snapchat) application, in which she appeared with a look that some described as strange and raised questions about her height. In the video, Marwa Ratib relied on designing a dress that made her look very … Read more