Unveiling the Question: Al-Nasr Club’s Schedule Controversy Examined by Sports Observatory

2023-09-30 21:48:06 Sports Observatory: Sports journalist Adel Al-Mulhim asked the Al-Nasr Club management an interesting question regarding the dates of Al-Nasr’s upcoming matches. Al-Mulhim posted a picture of Al-Nasr’s upcoming matches via his account on the X platform and commented on it, saying: My question to the esteemed Al-Nasr administration: If this schedule is correct, … Read more

Al-Marsad Sports: Journalist Adel Al-Melhem’s Message to Al-Nasr Club on Romelu Lukaku’s Loss of Victory

2023-06-10 13:50:47 Al-Marsad Sports: Adel Al-Melhem, a sports journalist, sent a message to Al-Nasr Club management regarding the Italian Inter Milan player, “Romelo Lukaku”. Al-Mulhim published, through his official account on Twitter, a picture of “Lukaku” and commented, “This is the loss of victory after the departure of Abu Bakkar. Follow him, snipers on the … Read more

Artist Fayez Al-Maliki Raises Awareness About the Dangers of Narcotics in Viral Video Clip

2023-05-08 22:30:00 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Artist Fayez Al-Maliki documented a video clip in which he showed a huge amount of narcotics seized by the security services. The video showed Al-Maliki sitting on the ground with a quantity of narcotic pills around him. Celebrities demanded the publication of videos to raise awareness of the dangers of drugs, … Read more

The Kuwaiti artist, “Abdul-Imam Abdullah,” suffered two strokes in the head…and sends a message to his fans – video

2023-04-28 04:41:11 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Kuwaiti artist, Abdul-Imam Abdullah, suffered two strokes in the head, and is hospitalized in Dar Al-Shifa Hospital due to his health problems. Abdullah reassured his fans of his health from inside the hospital where he was receiving treatment, saying: I am fine and well. It is worth noting that the … Read more

“Sudanese Citizen Cries for Help – Alarming Conditions in Sudan”

2023-04-25 18:38:24 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A Sudanese citizen cried for help from the bad conditions in Sudan, which were exacerbated by the clashes that erupted between the army and the Rapid Support Forces. He said during statements to Al-Jazeera: “I am an ordinary Sudanese citizen in the White Sea in Khartoum. I ask Burhan, Hamidati, and … Read more

In the video..a “doctor” reveals the amount of dates that can be eaten daily and does not affect the rise in sugar..and gives advice to those

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Professor of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Pediatrics, Professor Abdel-Moeen Al-Agha, explained that eating 3 dates does not affect the rise in sugar. He said, during a telephone interview with Al-Ikhbariya channel: “Dates are considered one of the fruits rich in fiber, potassium, magnesium, and iron, and there is a sugar content equivalent to 5 … Read more