Valorant Mobile is in development. but slower than expected

Valuing gameFPS style from Riot Games that are popular all over the house all over the city Originally, in addition to being open to play via PC, Riot Games plans to open for play on the mobile side as well, butgamedevelopment slower than expected ValorantMobile be anothergameExpected to be played later this year Anna Donlon … Read more

Star Rail’s Final Closed Beta Begins Worldwide

Honkai: Star Rail performancegameThe newest series from the creators of HoYoVerse.gameThe popular Genshin Impact is open to all players around the world including Thailand. Participated in registering for a test playgameThe last time in the Final Closed Beta Test before thegameIt will open for service by 2023. After a short break, the Astral Express is … Read more

Rocket League Sideswipe: Duke kids would love to see these cars fly

Over the years, we’ve seen many failed attempts to adapt console or PC games for mobile users. Either the final product changed what was special about the original, or too many questionable monetization schemes were implemented that sucked the fun out of the game. A few managed to pull it off with flamboyance. Rocket League … Read more

Osawari Yusha-Sama registration started, released in winter 2022.

DMM Games open for pre-registration forgame A new casual RPG played through a web browser calledgamethat Osawari Yusha-Sama gamesuch asgameCard-style turn-based combat Games where you can create a party of up to 5 beautiful heroes based on the greatest story in history. and fight monsters in this skill-based action game of card abilities. You can … Read more

Tower of Fantasy includes ways to earn money.

ingame Tower of Fantasy The base currency will be Gold or gold coins. that is the internal international currencygame which players can use this gold coin to upgrade various equipment However, to power up almost any equipment would require almost all gold coins. Today, I will introduce methods and places to earn gold coins. Gold … Read more

Genshin Impact Anti-Cheat File Ransomware Detected

Genshin Impact game An open world RPG from HoYoVerse that still has a large number of players around the world. It has been open for a long time as well. partly because of the anti-cheat programgamethat can work very well Therefore, there is no problem with internal cheating.gameBut then the program was discovered to be … Read more