Avihu Pankhasov makes Hangar 11 – Edva Aral

After receiving a final “no” from the military authorities following His performances in question In front of the soldiers during the military campaign that did not really please the senior officer, last night Avihu Landver aka “Avihu Pankhasov and the Butcher Club” appeared in Hangar 11 at the Tel Aviv Port which was full of … Read more

The change in Anya Geraldine’s appearance from 2016 to this year is in the spotlight – 2024-03-18 04:15:38

Anya Geraldine’s change in appearance, which is quite different, is in the public spotlight. (Instagram) ANYA Geraldine, a beautiful actress born in 1995, is often in the public spotlight, because of her attractive appearance and professional body. His appearance then and now is quite different. The owner’s real name, Nur Amalina Hayati, is now known … Read more

Saarat Omar Adam: The police do not allow his performances in Yarkon Park

Will everything be cancelled? The police do not approve the performance of Omar Adam in Yarakon Park. As you know, the singer announced four shows and sold over one hundred thousand tickets. It was supposed to be the first big show in a long time. Now its existence seems to be in doubt. The police … Read more

Patrino Carnival: The first appearance of the Municipality floats on the streets of Patras – 2024-03-14 03:46:10

The spectacular night that will open the three-day climax of the Patras Carnival (Friday 15 March at 19.00) will have the strong stamp of the illuminated carnival floats of the Municipality of Patras that will parade for the first time through the main streets of Patras accompanied by the Municipal Music of Municipality of Patras … Read more

Navalny: His last appearance – He was joking and looking good – VIDEO | World: News and News from around the World – 2024-03-01 06:18:20

Until a few days ago he seemed healthy. He seemed cheerful, joking. But later the announcement issued for the leader of the Russian opposition, Alexei Navalny, spelled his end. “Emergency doctors confirmed the inmate’s death,” prison officials said. The news of his death Navalny is making the rounds on the internet, with heads of state … Read more

Performance at the Panhellenic Amateur Theater Festival – 2024-02-24 02:32:09

The “Polyphonic” Theatrical Workshop, under the direction of Athena Kallimani-Georgitsopoulos, was applauded at the dedication of the first day of the Panhellenic Satire Festival of Amateur Troupes “Momos o Patreus”, at the “Pantheon” theater, which successfully organized the amateur group of Patras ” Refene”. The Theater Workshop took part outside the competition, presented the Aristophanic … Read more

Meet Dr. Zou: The Best-Looking Plastic Surgeon in Beijing

2023-12-06 02:47:04 Many people go to “see a doctor” because of its reputation. (Picture/reproduced from Weibo/Bada Plastic Surgery Doctor Zou Chong) A plastic surgeon in Beijing, mainland China, has sparked discussions on mainland social platforms because of his handsome appearance. Some people even went to see a doctor because of his good looks. In response, … Read more

Bihar’s Shocking ‘Reverse Marriage Robbery’ Incident: Gautam Kumar’s Forced Marriage Story

2023-12-01 14:23:57 Gautam Kumar was forced to marry his kidnapper’s daughter, Chandni. (Picture/reproduced from Twitter) An incident of “reverse marriage robbery” recently occurred in Bihar, India. Gautam Kumar, who had just passed the teacher examination, was abducted by four armed gangsters from school on Wednesday local time and was forced to marry the daughter of … Read more