Matthias Walden: “Freedom was the mainspring of his actions”

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criticized in his camp, Armin Laschet does not want to let go

Armin Laschet was once again able to save time. The candidate for chancellery for the Christian Democratic Family (CDU) certainly felt the wind of the ball Tuesday, September 28 but came out almost unscathed from a day that many said was decisive for his political future. → GERMAN ELECTIONS. Armin Laschet sees his chances closing … Read more

Armin Laschet sees his chances closing

There was no last minute turnaround. Not this time. At the end of a slow recovery, the Rhenish Armin Laschet is well out of his bed, on the verge of outflanking his social-democratic opponent Olaf Scholz. → PORTRAIT. Germany: Olaf Scholz, the man who can dream of being “chancellor” But he finally won Sunday only … Read more

Election campaign: Laschet and the “lateral thinker” in the CDU spot – brave or dangerous?

Yes, says Andreas Rosenfelder Source: (c) 2016 Claudius Pflug / Berlin AOn September 3, Armin Laschet is campaigning on the Erfurt Anger, a man suddenly slips under the barrier tape. The stranger jumps right next to the CDU politician and starts excitedly: “Mr. Laschet, Mr. Laschet, I have as a citizen, as a father of … Read more

Bundestag election: Wolfgang Schäuble – visionary or gravedigger of the Union?

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