2023/11/25 – New music by Trip Lee, Isatta Sheriff from the UK, and flashback by Playdough

2023-12-07 08:17:17 Show notes New music by Trip Lee, Isatta Sheriff from the UK, and a flashback by Playdough. Playlist: “On Fire (ft. Zaytoven)” by 1K Phew “Slidin” by indie tribe. “The Feeling (ft. Javy XI)” by Beanies & Snapbacks “Blaze Runner (ft. Malex)” by Sivion “Burn It Down” by Manic X “Shadow Dance (ft. … Read more

The Dangers of Misjudging Others: A Story of Misplaced Suspicion in the Park

2023-12-07 06:18:53 The mother noticed an elderly man sitting quietly on a bench for 30 minutes and staring at the child, and began to think that the man was a pedophile. (Schematic diagram/pixabay) A group of mothers in Australia accompanied their children to play in the park a few days ago. During the period, they … Read more

Strange Laws Around the World: The Surprising Reason Why Changing Light Bulbs Was Once Illegal in Australia

2023-12-05 13:24:42 Each country has different types of laws. Violation of them will surely lead to punishment. However, some countries have laws that sound strange. One of them is the rule of not changing light bulbs. Yes, it was once illegal to change light bulbs in this location. What is that place? This interesting question … Read more

2020/1/2 – The hottest new songs we played in 2020

2021-01-03 05:37:55 Show notes Happy New Year! It’s time to look back at the hottest new songs we played last year. There’s no way we could fit them all in. But we did our best, based off your votes and internet plays. (Honourable mention to the Uprock Compilation Vol.10) Playlist: “No More Soda” by Rel … Read more

NFL Playoff Picture: State of Play and Standings in Each Conference

2023-12-05 07:53:07 It seems like only yesterday the Lions were upsetting the Chiefs to open the season – but we’ve suddenly reached the closing stretch of the NFL campaign. With five weeks to play, the playoff picture has firmly emerged, with roughly eight true Super Bowl contenders sitting at 8-4 or better, and plenty of … Read more

2021/1/9 – The Profit returns for 2021 with the BYO Neck-Brace episode for January

2021-01-11 07:51:55 Show notes The Profit returns for 2021 with the BYO Neck-Brace episode for January. This episode is packed with head-nod anthems to rock to until your neck hurts and the room stinks featuring some new tracks, old tracks and some massive throwback’s to kick off your 2021 proper. Playlist: Contingent – Othello (Ozay … Read more