Fatal Stabbing Incident at Guillemins Station in Liège – Latest Updates and News

2023-09-27 09:30:00 Tuesday around 6 p.m., a man obviously staying illegally in Belgium lost his life on the Guillemins esplanade located opposite the station of the same name in Liège. The victim, according to initial evidence, received three fatal stab wounds, including one in the back. ** ****** ***** ***** ** ******* ** ****** ************ … Read more

Fatal Stabbing at Wallonia Festivals: Arrest Made and Case Extended – Latest Updates and Videos

2023-09-22 14:12:59 During the night from Friday to last Saturday, Akramat, a 19-year-old from Namur, received a fatal stab wound during a brawl. The young boy, of Chechen origin, died during his journey in an ambulance. The alleged perpetrator of the stabbing, a young 21-year-old from Hutois, was arrested a few hours after the incident … Read more

Sexagenarian Found Lifeless in Emile Wiket Park: Suspected Murder Investigation

2023-09-05 17:30:00 The sexagenarian found lifeless in the Emile Wiket park, a triangle of greenery located at the corner of Wazon and Saint-Laurent streets in Liège, “died after swallowing his blood, specifies Catherine Collignon, first deputy of the King’s Prosecutor of Cork. Three blows to the face were noted by the medical examiner: one to … Read more

Harassment Case in Visé: False Accusations and Social Media Misinformation Exposed

2023-08-22 10:08:51 Zakaria, a 25-year-old young man from Visé, was deprived of his freedom and referred to the Liège prosecutor’s office on Tuesday for harassment. Indeed, the individual posted on social networks the photo of a certain Maxime, 25, claiming that it was the policeman who was the author of the fatal shot last Friday … Read more

Title: “Exposing the Shocking Crime: Samuel, the Organizer Viciously Targeted in a Gasoline Attack in Grâce-Hollogne”

2023-08-14 16:30:00 *** ***** ** ********** ** **** ** ** ********* **** ** **************** ** ***** *** ***** *** ** ***** ************* *** ****** ******** ** *** ********** ***** ****** **** **** *** *********** ******** ** ***** ************ ** ********* *********** ******* ** ******* ****** ******* **** ** ***** ***** ** ********* ******** ***** ******* … Read more

Reconstruction of Esteban Soltau Diaz murder in Namur: Police presence and tarpaulins

2023-06-11 18:11:47 Large blue tarpaulins and police officers prohibited access this Sunday to an entire district of the station. It is there, between the Wérenne gallery and the rue de l’espérance, that the reconstruction of the murder of Esteban Soltau Diaz, killed last November, took place on rue de l’espérance, in the center of Namur, … Read more