Craftsmanship sets its priorities for the presidential election

The changing sector is asking for the maintenance of apprenticeship aid, a reform of inheritance rights and a modernization fund. A major sector in the French economy, generating more than 300 billion euros in turnover, craftsmanship had a record year in 2021, with the creation of 90,000 new structures, to reach today some 1, 8 … Read more

More than one in two self-employed is now self-employed

Despite the crisis, the number of self-employed increased in 2020. The shutdown of the economy almost two years ago did not dampen the ardor of the self-employed (craftsmen, traders, liberal and medical professions). At the end of 2020, the Urssaf counted some 3.8 million, or 8.2% more than a year earlier, when they had then … Read more

the right questions to ask yourself before starting

OUR ADVICES – The adventure of entrepreneurship tempts you, but you hesitate before giving up the security of your life as an employee. Le Figaro helps you take stock. Many are thinking about it, but more and more are taking the plunge. With no less than 995,868 companies created in France in 2021, an increase … Read more

How to really escape work emails after 8 p.m.

Our advice for not spending your evening responding to messages. But without getting angry with your boss. Arrived for a few days in a large group, Noémie cannot believe it. ” Between the time I get home, around 8 p.m., and the time I go to bed, I receive about 90 work emails, she sighs. … Read more

those employees who left their jobs to start their own business

TESTIMONIALS – They took the risk of giving up some comfort to become their own boss. As the dream has come true, how do they see their new life? Leaving job security, giving up their salary level… This is the choice of many employees who give up their job to create their own company. And … Read more

Fintech, e-commerce, insurance … 2021, a record year for unicorns

DECRYPTION – No less than 21 French start-ups are now valued at more than $ 1 billion thanks to their fundraising, including 11 in the last twelve months. Return on this particularly strong year in investment. As the year 2021 comes to an end, the time has come to take stock. No less than 11 … Read more