Early Dietary Diversification to Reduce Allergy Risks in Children: Insights from French Researchers

2023-08-01 13:20:22 According to French researchers, introducing certain allergenic products after the age of 10 months could increase the risk of allergies in children. The first years of a child’s life are filled with discoveries: the first steps, the first words and, of course, the first tastes. This culinary exploration plays an essential role for … Read more

Why do we articulate more when talking to babies?

2023-07-28 16:16:05 Researchers believe that “baby talk” makes it easier to learn words. But a team has gone further by showing that this hyperarticulation also serves to express our emotions. It is enough to meet the gaze of a baby or a puppy for our voice to instantly change register: place is then made for … Read more

Terrifying Incident on E42: Ornella’s Close Call with a Fallen Chevron on Rhisnes Road

2023-07-27 16:00:00 Ornella, a 29-year-old resident of Legs, had the fear of her life this Wednesday at the end of the day. As she was in her car with her 3-week-old baby girl, she thought they were going to die. “I was driving on the E42 towards Mons around 5 p.m. There were a lot … Read more

Tragic Incident in Leuven: Investigation Underway into Mysterious Deaths and Suspected Ex-Employer’s Involvement

2023-07-17 16:07:38 “Monday afternoon, around 4:20 p.m., the police received a report from a man declaring that he had been contacted by his former employer,” said Julie Plevoets, spokesperson for the Leuven prosecutor’s office. “The latter allegedly claimed to have done something to his wife and children.” The police teams then went to the small … Read more

Boost Your Website to the Top of Google: Understanding the Impact of Cesarean Births on Infant Microbiota and Neurodevelopment

2023-06-15 16:40:04 This study comes as cesarean deliveries are on the rise worldwide. They now represent about a third of births in the United States, although the World Health Organization estimates that this operation is medically necessary in only about 10 to 15% of births. It had already been established that infants born by cesarean … Read more

Baby Left Scratched and Bloody at Melbourne Day Care: Shocking Incident Sparks Outrage

2023-06-14 13:00:00 A mum, who wishes to remain anonymous, was horrified after picking up her 10-week-old baby from nursery. The reason ? Little Noah’s face was covered in bloody scratches. Melbourne’s Only About Children day care center reports an accident while changing the newborn’s diaper. He would have been left unattended and scratched by another … Read more