The best tips for general care and well-being | The Tribune of the Basque Country

Enjoying the best possible quality of life is closely related to our lifestyle. It is a fact that a balanced diet, regular exercise and giving up harmful habits such as smoking or excessive drinking are key to taking care of our body, strengthening the immune system and, in general, enjoying greater energy. A healthy lifestyle … Read more

Ortuzar anticipates a “deferred fall of Ayuso” and trusts Feijo so that “a strong PP” can stop Vox

Updated Wednesday, February 23, 2022 – 10:37 The president of the PNV places the beginning of the crisis of the ‘popular’ in the goodbye by not focusing on the “acronym” and “the third came to the presidency” The president of the PNV Andoni Ortuzar during his appearance at the Nueva Economy Forum breakfast in Bilbao.Leire … Read more

Haizea Bilbao will invest up to 175 million to bring the Basque Country to the forefront of wind power

Interior of the current Haizea Wind factory in the Port of Bilbao. / Pankra Nieto To the 125 million of the expansion that starts this year in the port factory can be added between 40 and 50 more in the next five years “These are convulsive moments in the market and we suffer the rise … Read more

San Sebastián: How Corona is changing tapas culture in the Basque Country

DIn the evening Julio had imagined differently: “As before”. You stood close to the bar with friends. Grabbed some tapas – a slice of toasted white bread topped with a piece of juicy tortilla, maybe. Or a bowl of marinated anchovies. You drank, laughed and moved on to the next bar. But the evening ritual, … Read more

Covid Euskadi restrictions: Cinemas run out of popcorn

Three young people in a San Sebastian cinema when the consumption of popcorn was allowed in theaters. / morcquecho Confusion and outrage in the halls with the new Basque decree, which prohibits the consumption of food and beverages, except water, during cultural, social or sporting events The Basque Country has released the new normal on … Read more