SOS from the concert halls of Euskadi: «The Basque Government has abandoned us»

Basque nightlife hoteliers have harshly criticized the regional government for leaving concert halls in the Basque Country “out of aid” for cultural companies to compensate them for the losses caused by the pandemic. Those affected have reproached the “lack of will” of the Minister of Culture, Bingen Zupiria, for not recognize their business “as a … Read more

“A Basque Netflix” for audiovisual productions created in the Basque Country

Andoni Aldekoa, General Manager of EITB The public communication group announces before the Control Committee of the Basque Parliament «a large digital platformt ”in 2022 to cover“ all audiovisual production in the Basque Country ”. This platform will be a “strategic and innovative bet,” said Aldekoa, an OTT platform. «We want to develop a ‘Basque … Read more

Iberdrola plans a network of hydrogenerators to serve transport in the Basque Country

The initiative, called ‘And of hydrogen’, will involve an investment of at least 37 million euros Image of the presentation of the project at Iberdrola headquarters. / EC MANU ALVAREZ Bilbao Wednesday, 19 May 2021, 10:37 Iberdrola today announced a project that it has called ‘Y del Hidrogen’, aimed at creating a supply network for … Read more

The Basque Government will allocate 180 million to the relaunch of disadvantaged regions

The Governing Council approved this Tuesday a new budget allocation of 180 million euros for the relaunch of the disadvantaged regions of the Basque Country. This measure derives from an action included in the ‘Berpiztu Program’, which foresees an investment of 13,250 million euros between 2020 and 2024 to reactivate the economy and employment through … Read more