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Hanwha Life

‘Hanwha Life Signature Cancer Insurance’, which acquired exclusive use rights for six months. Provided by Hanwha Life

Hanwha Life Insurance has launched and is selling ‘Hanwha Life Signature Cancer Insurance’, which reflects the changes of the times and the latest insurance consumption trends for cancer. The product also acquired an exclusive right to use for six months from the Life Insurance Association.

For this product, the ‘Cancer Exemption Period No Insurance Premium Payment System’ has been newly established so that you do not have to pay premiums for some special contracts for which the exemption period is set for 90 days. As a result, it was evaluated that the product paradigm was changed from a seller-centric to a customer-centric one by matching the timing of insurance coverage start and premium payment.

In addition, reflecting the current trend of cancer, we have strengthened the insurance for similar cancers and new medical technology-centered treatment costs, breaking away from the existing cancer insurance that focuses on diagnosis funds. It has newly developed 10 types of special drugs and 14 types of risk rates related to cancer prevention such as MRI and PET scans and treatment such as ‘Da Vinci Robotic Surgery’. Through this, it is possible to receive benefits while preventing cancer, unlike existing cancer insurance, which did not receive any benefits before getting cancer no matter how much insurance was purchased.

Due to the increase in early screening, the coverage limit for microcancer and similar cancers, which are diagnosed more frequently than general cancers, has been expanded to 70 million won. In addition, the cost of treatment such as chemotherapy, radiation and targeted drug treatment, and the limit of insurance for surgery and hospitalization have also been significantly increased.

By reflecting the modern consumption trend centered on the MZ generation, you can sign up for as many guarantees as you want. In particular, cancer insurance, which could not be subscribed to because it was tied to one main contract or special contract, was separated so that it could be freely selected. It is divided into 9 types of general cancer, pseudo-cancer, stage 4 cancer, and regional cancer, so customers can add only the insurance they need. In addition, the inconvenience of not being able to subscribe due to exceeding the limit was solved by removing the linkage according to the subscription amount for each insurance.

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1-0 win over Feyenoord in the final

UEFA three-club competition
First managerial honor to win them all

AS Roma coach Jose Mourinho smiles with a trophy after becoming the first champion after defeating Feyenoord in the final of the 2021-2022 season Europa Conference League (UECL) held at Air Albania Stadium in Tirana, Albania on the 26th. Tirana = AFP Yonhap News

AS Roma of Serie A, an Italian professional football team led by Jose Mourinho (pictured), scored the winning goal in the 31st minute of the first half of the 2021-2022 Europa Conference League (UECL) final held at Tirana Air Albania Stadium in Albania on the 26th. We won 1-0 over Feyenoord (Netherlands). The UEFA Champions League (UCL) and the Europa League, which were established this season by the European Football Federation (UEFA), are a sub-game of the UEFA Europa League, leaving AS Roma as the first champion.

Mourinho led FC Porto in the Portuguese League in the 2003-2004 season and Inter Milan in Serie A in the 2009-2010 season to reach the top of the UCL twice. In the 2016-17 season, he took Manchester United in the English Premier League (EPL) to the top of the Europa League. With this victory, Mourinho became the first manager to lift all three UEFA-sponsored club trophies.

Mourinho, who was first considered the best manager in the world until the 2010s, experienced some ups and downs in the 2020s, such as being sacked from Tottenham Hotspur in the EPL. He took on a new challenge at Serie A Roma ahead of the season and performed well in the League and UECL, but his splendor was somewhat diminished. However, the victory reminded football fans once again that he is one of the greatest players who will leave a mark in world football history.

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Screen capture of JTBC’s ‘Daughter Thieves’

Comedian Mi-ja (pictured), who was a non-marriage, shared the moment she predicted marriage.

In the JTBC ‘Daughter Thieves’ broadcast on the 24th, Mi-ja appeared and told her story with her husband, Kim Tae-hyun.

On this day, Mi-ja answered Kang Ho-dong’s question, “Did you decide to get married in a few days after meeting?”, “Neither of them had any intention of getting married. ‘I have no intention of getting married. They started dating as ‘non-marriageism’. But, about a month after we started dating, her older brother said, ‘I’m a little tough on something’.”

Screen capture of JTBC’s ‘Daughter Thieves’

He continued, “‘This feeling is strong. I felt the same way when Taehyung Kim said, “This is my first time.” She continued to think that she was going to get married in a strange way,” he said.

Then he said, “I kept thinking that I would become a family with this person,” and Kang Ho-dong agreed, “If you just meet someone you have a marriage relationship with, everything goes through.” Lee Soo-geun said, “That’s right. The period is not important.”

Meanwhile, Mi-ja is the daughter of actor Jang Gwang and married comedian Kim Tae-hyun.

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Returning home with the ‘Golden Boot’ trophy

Wearing jeans and a white short-sleeved t-shirt
Entering the arrival hall in modest attire
Ranked No. 1 in British media’s Power Rankings
Defeated Salah for co-scorer
“A breathtaking performance without a PK goal” highly praised
Named ‘Team of the Season’

Son Heung-min (Tottenham), who won the top scorer in the 2021-2022 EPL, waves to fans as he enters Incheon International Airport on the 24th. After taking a week off, he will join the national team training on the 30th to prepare for the A match in June. Incheon Airport = News 1

On the afternoon of the 24th, Incheon International Airport Arrival Hall. Heung-min Son (30), a soccer star who plays for Tottenham in the English Premier League (EPL), arrived in Korea on a direct flight from London. Unlike other sports, such as baseball, soccer is not unusual for him to step on Korean soil, as the national team plays frequently during the season. But for this day, it was okay to call it ‘Golden Haunting’. It was because he was holding the ‘Golden Boot’ trophy in the shape of a golden shoe, awarded to the Premier League top scorer in his hand.

Heung-min Son, who scored multiple goals in the final round of the 2021-2022 EPL with Norwich City on the 23rd and became the joint top scorer with Mohammed Salah (Liverpool) with 23 goals, entered the arrivals hall in a plain outfit of jeans and a white short-sleeved T-shirt. . Then cheers and the sound of camera shutters echoed everywhere. Dozens of people lined up along the railing on the second floor, a bit far from the gate, to watch the scene returning home. To the fans who welcomed him in this way, he bowed his head at 90 degrees while holding the Golden Boot trophy to express his gratitude and left the airport without a separate interview.

After the final game of the league, Son Heung-min became even more a star while he was busy flying on a plane to Korea. It is thanks to the announcement of the glorious news that naturally follows the top scorer. Sky Sports, the host broadcaster of the EPL, announced Son Heung-min as the overall first in the season’s cumulative power ranking. In this ranking, which evaluates his performance based on 33 detailed items such as goals, assists, and passes, Son Heung-min surpassed his top scorer competitor Salah on the 10th to take first place. In the end, with a cumulative score of 81,031 points, Salah (74,336) and Manchester City ace Kevin De Bruyne (71,73) were beaten. The media said, “Salah was number one for most of the season, but Son Heung-min emerged at the last minute and eventually became the power ranking champion.

Sky Sports also placed Heung-Min Son among the 11 left-handers on ‘Team of the Season’. Not only this. The BBC and the British Daily Mail also selected him as the best 11. Heung-Min Son is expected to be included in the Best 11 list to be announced in a number of media in the future without any change.

Son Heung-min’s appearance is becoming a good stimulus for juniors as well. Hwang Hee-chan (26, Wolverhampton), who is playing an active role as a key striker with Son Heung-min in the national team, met with reporters prior to the fan meeting held in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul on the same day and said, “I play in the same league with Heung-min, so I watch the goal scenes every week. Awesome. He is proud of being a teammate and junior.” At the same time, he expressed his determination, “As a position that follows immediately, I also want to challenge that record and improve further.” Heung-Min Son’s performances are the glory of Korean football and nourishment for a brighter future.

For the time being, Son Heung-min wears the national team red jersey instead of Tottenham’s white jersey and plays for Korean football. After a week-long break, he joins the three-day national football team training. Next, he will lead the national team as a captain in the preliminary rounds for the Qatar World Cup finals, such as Brazil on the 2nd of the month, Chile on the 6th, and Paraguay on the 10th.

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