DWS exchanges CEO after suspected greenwashing

Frankfurt Only a few hours after the raid due to “greenwashing” allegations and after a long supervisory board meeting, the Deutsche Bank fund subsidiary is separating DWS by her company boss Asoka Wöhrmann. At the end of the day of this year’s Annual General Meeting, Stefan Hoops will become the new CEO. DWS announced this … Read more

BKA wants to flood Telegram with inquiries

IIn the fight against criminal and right-wing extremist content, the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) wants to increase the pressure on the messenger service Telegram. According to information from the newspaper “Welt”, BKA representatives in the Bundestag Interior Committee have announced that the service should be flooded with deletion requests or data requests in the … Read more

According to the BKA, the number of child pornography cases has increased significantly

Dhe cases of child abuse recorded by the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) almost doubled in the first half of this year. “The number of reports that we receive about such crimes is increasing, the number of proceedings to be carried out is increasing,” said BKA President Holger Münch of “Bild am Sonntag”. According to … Read more

Organized crime in Germany is increasing

BAndean crime in Germany is causing ever greater damage. This emerges from the “Federal Situation Report for Organized Crime 2020”, which the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) published on Monday in Wiesbaden. The looted assets were therefore significantly higher than in the previous year and the propensity for violence is also growing. According to their … Read more

More and more young people are making themselves punishable by chatting

DAre you even allowed to do that? ”Chief Inspector German Knoll hears from time to time. Usually when he and his colleagues stand in front of the academic parents at six o’clock in the morning, the search warrant in hand. But a judicial search warrant cannot be postponed, which means that the police are allowed … Read more

Ankura risk consulting starts in Germany

Frankfurt The German financial center in focus. (Photo: imago images/Arnulf Hettrich) Frankfurt Since the Wirecard scandal at the latest, Germany has been a problem child when it comes to compliance and good corporate governance. The US forensics consultancy Ankura wants to take advantage of this and is starting its expansion on the German market with … Read more