Controversial Incident in Synchronized Skating: Brazilian Athlete Guilherme Abel Rocha Faces Backlash and Calls for Respect

2023-11-06 12:29:08 The Brazilian Guilherme Abel Rocha was won on Sunday repudiation of the Chilean fans for pushing Emmanuelle Silva in the middle of the final of the 500 meters of the Santiago 2023 skate race. Shortly after the definition began at the National Stadium Park skating track, the representative of the country of samba … Read more

After the match, who will be selected in round 31?

2023-11-01 14:35:00 Speak, Cartoleiro! “Let’s go” to round #31 from Cartola FC. In the last round, our team scored, getting 98.25 points, practically double the average of the round’s top scorers, who got 48.94. We hope to repeat the result in round 31, and for that, we will bet heavily on Iinternational, Flamengo e Atlético-MG. … Read more