Watch.. A Pakistani groom sits his bride on a scale and puts a gold spike “mawry” equal to her weight!

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip circulating on social media documented the gifting of a Pakistani groom in Dubai as a dowry to his bride equivalent to her weight in gold. The video showed the bride sitting on a scale, while people from the groom placed on the other side of the scale an amount of … Read more

The man holds a wedding banquet “3,000 villagers and 0 people join in” The groom is super disappointed: Even his father didn’t come | International | CTWANT

More than 3,000 people in the village did not attend the groom’s wedding. (Picture / flip from Weibo) Super embarrassing! A man from Guangdong, Mainland China held a wedding in his hometown a few days ago and invited relatives, friends and villagers to participate. Unexpectedly, there were no people present at the wedding banquet. Facing … Read more

Rural men prepare 100 chairs and stools for marriage “with less than 10 guests”: 3 points of analysis of the reasons | International | CTWANT

A man in Hubei, China, had a wedding banquet, but the situation was extremely embarrassing that day. (Picture / Retrieved from Sohu) Marriage is a major event in life, and we always hope that relatives and friends will come to attend the banquet to celebrate this important day together. However, when a rural man got … Read more

On the night of the wedding, a reckless Jordanian groom wants to prove his manhood, so he shocked his wife and frightened her after she saw what he had put out in front of her, so she completely lost consciousness.. You won’t believe what she saw!

On the wedding night, the groom and his bride always look for certain things that make them distinguished from others in something different from the rest, but luck may be bad for some, so they choose something that may lead to disaster on the most important night of their life. A Jordanian groom was one … Read more

With boldness and without shame, a young man defies everyone and marries his sister.. But what happened on the night of the wedding was shocking and no one believed, neither man nor six

A number of social media pioneers circulated a strange story of its kind for the first time, where a German young man had an forbidden relationship with his sister, which made everyone stand against him, and he was convicted before the European Court and refused to recognize their relationship and allow them to form a … Read more

On the night of entering from inside the bedroom .. A groom screaming at the top of his voice I hear all the neighbors and what he found between the feet of his bride made him crazy and made him lose his mind

Samar is an eighteen-year-old girl. Like other girls, she dreamed of living a love story with the knight of her dreams, and of choosing a life partner who would give her happiness and security. But the unjust family customs did not allow her to sing often in mirage dreams, and without any introduction or discussion, … Read more