German authorities fail: paradise for money launderers and oligarchs

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ECB should not miss exit from expansive monetary policy, warns Bundesbank

The President of the Federal Bank of Germany, Joachim Nagel, warned on Monday of the risk of delaying the exit from the expansive monetary policy … Read more

Kremlin threatens companies with nationalization

Moscow The McDonald’s at the Baumanskaya metro station in central Moscow is jam-packed. There are several universities nearby, including the Bauman MSTU, one of the … Read more

EU tightens sanctions against Russia’s financial system – but not completely

Demonstration in London Broad wave of solidarity. (Foto: imago images/ZUMA Wire) Düsseldorf, New York, Brussels, Berlin, Frankfurt The EU, US and other Western allies further isolated … Read more

Business associations are optimistic for 2022

On the contrary: there is great optimism for 2022. Whether precision mechanics, foundries, rubber processors, the corona-ravaged trade fair industry or mining, which has been … Read more