German authorities fail: paradise for money launderers and oligarchs

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For the second time since 1979: the Bundesbank is once again not sending any money to Berlin

For the second time since 1979 Bundesbank is again not sending any money to Berlin 03/02/2022, 11:50 am This year, too, the finance minister will wait in vain for a transfer from the Bundesbank: the Corona crisis will also leave major traces on the balance sheet in 2021. The grants for the federal government are … Read more

EU tightens sanctions against Russia’s financial system – but not completely

Demonstration in London Broad wave of solidarity. (Foto: imago images/ZUMA Wire) Düsseldorf, New York, Brussels, Berlin, Frankfurt The EU, US and other Western allies further isolated Russia’s financial system over the weekend. First, they want to freeze the assets of the Russian central bank. On the other hand, the country’s most important credit institutions are to … Read more

Putin’s angry speech is a historic turning point for Europe

Ukrainekrise Putin’s speech was televised on Tuesday evening. (Photo: AP) So that was her. The speech with which Vladimir Putin tried to justify everything that has brought Europe to the brink of war and that could still threaten the continent already soaked in the blood of two world wars. It was an angry speech, full … Read more