Ada: Miriam Meckel: “Don’t complain, do it”

Verena Pausder, Léa Steinacker, Andrea Wasmuth and Miriam Meckel (from left) The Handelsblatt Media Group started an ambitious project with ada in 2018. The goal: … Read more

Employees are no longer allowed to trade certain stocks

Frankfurt skyline at twilight Certain private share transactions will be prohibited to Bafin employees in the future. (Photo: dpa) Berlin The after Wirecard– Financial regulator … Read more

A second Wirecard case? – Morning briefing

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In Germany and the euro area, fewer and fewer people are paying in cash

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Farewell to cash: private money printer is planning the digital euro

FFor Europe’s leading private money printer, it is only a matter of time before many people have access to digital money in addition to cash. … Read more