Traffic light negotiations: working groups leave questions unanswered for the top round

BAccording to information from the German Press Agency, there are still important unanswered questions in the negotiations on a traffic light coalition. There has been … Read more

Failure of the explorations for Habeck “actually not an option”

VBefore the next exploratory round, the Greens co-leader Robert Habeck emphasized how important it is for the negotiations with the FDP to be a success. … Read more

Digital Ministry: This is what a digitization authority could look like

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Corona and the federal election: What the official final result shows

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Bundestag election: member survey in coalition agreement “is an option,” says Walter-Borjans

FDP domestic politician Kuhle: Alliance with Union more likely The domestic political spokesman for the FDP parliamentary group, Konstantin Kuhle, considers a Jamaica alliance of … Read more

Bundestag election: Wolfgang Schäuble – visionary or gravedigger of the Union?

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