Rainy Weather Impacts Attendance at Namur Campsites: Find Out Why

2023-08-05 11:59:00 In campsites, the month of July is often synonymous with the busiest time of the year. However, the rainy weather of recent weeks may have made many people want to take their holidays elsewhere than in Belgium. At the expense of attendance at our Namur campsites! of videos “It is true that we … Read more

The Official Campgrounds

Destroyed to the tune of 80 to 90% following the devastating fires of last July, the five campsites backing onto the Dune du Pilat are working hard to reopen as soon as possible. The most advanced will be the Dune campsite (aka Les Flots Bleus), from April. The general assembly of the Sdhpa of Gironde … Read more

Around the world in a caravan: “Camping will become cheaper over time”

Around the world in a caravan: “Camping will become cheaper over time”

An the beginning is the awakening. But setting off doesn’t always mean: just drive off. First of all, practical questions need to be settled – about the travel budget, the choice of vehicle, insurance and more. A little guide. How much does a trip around the world cost? A rule of thumb is: the longer … Read more

Camping: How Vacation in Caravans Became a Mass Movement

Ein “Wohnauto”, that is what landscape painter Fridel Edelmann had longed for. A car “in which we could drive together and I could paint, that would be the right thing for us,” she wrote in 1930 to her future husband, Arist Dethleffs. The Allgäu entrepreneur and caravan pioneer, who was keen to travel, already had … Read more

Holidays at long last: “Abroad, Germans like to be wild boars”

Et is an ambivalent picture of Germany that Marcus S. Kleiner draws in his book “Germany 151. Portrait of a Well-Known Country in 151 Snapshots”. The Germans are “always decided, but often find it difficult to make a decision. They love clarity, but live ambiguously, ”says Kleiner. This applies in all areas of life – … Read more

Vacation with a mobile home: How camping becomes a pleasure in winter

Europe Vacation with a mobile home This is how camping becomes a pleasure in winter Under Corona conditions, traveling by camper or caravan is more popular than ever. Even in the cold season, camping holidays are an attractive option – if you are properly prepared. We give tips on what to look out for. Status: … Read more