National Police Investigate Explosions and Fire in Vehicle on Robles Street: Latest Updates

2023-08-31 03:33:45 The National Police investigate the causes explosions and a fire in a vehicle on Robles street between 9 de Octubre and Ulpiano Páez, in the La Mariscal sector, in the north of Quito. Insecurity in Parque La Carolina: The decline of its charm? Read more Videos that circulated on social networks showed the … Read more

5 Daily Health Habits for Longevity: Advice from Neurosurgeon Brett Osborne

2023-08-16 21:10:00 News. Society 00:10, 17 August 2023 photo: © IStockphoto Neurosurgeon Brett Osborne leads the Senolytix anti-aging center, where they help develop healthy habits. In an interview with Fox News, the doctor shared five daily health habits he advises his patients to help them achieve longevity. About it writes portal “Doctor Peter”. It’s important … Read more

Global Agreement: Moroccan Institutional Investors and Wilmar Group’s Sale of Stake in Cosumar

2023-07-30 08:52:40 Your browser doesn’t support HTML5 audio Moroccan institutional investors, shareholders of Cosumar and the Wilmar group concluded, on July 28, 2023, a global agreement relating to the sale of the entire stake of the Wilmar group in Cosumar, representing 30.05% of the capital. This agreement also provides for the transfer by Cosumar of … Read more

private capex: Panel for forward-looking surveys on private capex

2023-07-27 18:11:39 New Delhi: The parliamentary standing committee on finance has called for industry-wise “forward-looking surveys” on private capex across regions by the statistics ministry and Niti Aayog. Such surveys will help “various suppliers prepare for better equipment, real estate and workforce requirements associated with private sector capex”, it added. In a report on the … Read more

foreign assets: Foreign assets become a tricky terrain in income tax return filing

2023-07-23 18:42:27 Mumbai: As the July 31 tax deadline approaches (amid hopes it may be pushed back due to the rains), many professionals, businessmen, and diaspora members who have returned are trying to figure out ways to disclose certain foreign assets to avoid an encounter with the taxman. Many were, and some still are, oblivious … Read more

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2023-07-08 10:22:00 Original column 4DdWatEmPBCarticle The Kremlin responds to “Zelensky brought back Azov battalion officers from Turkey” 4DdUnq8fjyqarticleTaiwan media: A supermarket chain in Taiwan detects a first-class carcinogen in food 4DdcAZbawD8articleTaiwan army keeps an eye on it: 10 PLA ​​military planes appear around the Taiwan Strait 4Ddbghb2nGWarticle Lai Qingde “coincidentally encountered” the … Read more