Tesla crashes into fire engine; Is autopilot the cause of the accident? investigation

In the morning of February 18 in the United States, a special team will investigate the incident of the Tesla accident. The Tesla crashed into the back of a fire truck parked on the side of the road in California by the NHTSA. The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will investigate whether the Tesla … Read more

It is not common for CNG to damage the vehicle’s engine, but in which case does it happen? | peru | mexico | spain | united states | WHEELS-NUTS

“Regardless of the make of the vehicle, if the mixture is lean, the temperature in the combustion chamber rises. Consequently, the valves, valve seats and even the cylinder head are affected”says Nicolás Chipana Rodríguez. MIRA: Audi prepares a global production plan for electric vehicles The importance of the oxygen-fuel mixture in the installation of the … Read more

‘Mammooty’s driver Sukhama’… Mammootty drove 2300 km in Australia

Mammootty’s love for cars and driving is well known. ‘If you become a driver, you should be Mammootty’s, don’t take any job. Just sit in the back seat. The old man will drive the car…’ is the general comment about the megastar. Now the video of Mammootty driving 2,300 km in Australia is going viral. … Read more

demolition policy; 331 KSRTC bus to be demolished, your vehicle?

All government vehicles that are 15 years old will have to be scrapped after April 1 next. This will also apply to transport corporations including KSRTC. The Center has published a draft notification in this regard for seeking public opinion. KSRTC has 331 buses for the past 14 years. If the rule is implemented, they … Read more

Do you know the “transformation technology” that opens up to the roof!? Thoroughly renovating Fujimi’s plastic model “20 Soarer” Part 2[Model Cars](LE VOLANT CARSMEET WEB) | Automotive information site[new car / used car]

Only 500 electric metal tops made Second generation Soarer plastic model made by Fujimi. In the previous article (see “Related Articles” below), we introduced this work, which overcame the shortcomings in its body shape and remodeled it into an aero cabin. This work was produced for the opening feature of the 250th issue (2017) of … Read more